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    Christian - 'Too Christian'?

    The title says it all really - is Christian too 'Christian', as it were? I am, in fact, a practising Christian but feel uncomfortable 'promoting' my religion in this way - the name honours family in addition to my faith (and I love the name, so that helps too!), but Christian has never seemed overtly, well, Christian until someone mentioned it to me the other day: it sounds ridiculous admitting it now, but it was just a name before, I never saw it as an adjective.

    Any potential Christian would go by Kit practically all of the time, but I'm a fan of a formal name for the birth certificate.

    Also, I'm English and flow doesn't matter. (not that those two things are related, I just thought it might be helpful to have some background)

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    I voted for Kit.

    I actually like the full name Christian a bit more, but with two longer middle names, I think Kit looks and sounds better. Both combos are lovely though As for it being too Christian- I didn't even realise the religion thing was a problem until I started frequenting name sites! Christian is a great name -it's somewhere on my long list- and, like you, I don't really connect it to Christianity/the adjective. It's a name in it's own right to me. You can't go wrong with a Christian

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    I personally know several Christians and never thought anything about it being too religious.

    I actually had a friend named Christian who was firmly atheist as well as his parents. He got a kick out of it and said it never bothered him.

    I think it has so much popular use as a name that not everyone would immediately think religious overload when hearing it. The only way I could see it being too much is if Christian had siblings Faith, Grace, and Trinity.
    If you love it, definitely keep it on your list. Especially if it means a lot to you.

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    I don't immediately think of the religious connotations, so no, I don't think its "too Christian". I don't think many other people will make the connection either, especially if you intend for him to be known mostly as Kit.
    Not expecting but hopefully one day that will change.

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    Christian Antony Fitzwilliam is so handsome! I love that someone's considering using Fitzwilliam, even as a middle. Christian and Antony are one of Prince Andrew's and Prince Edward's middle names respectively, so it feels rather royal. The whole name gives me a 19th century English noble kind of feel. I grew up in a very Christian household (my father's a clergyman) but still wouldn't think of Christianity if someone introduced themselves as Christian. Kit is a sweet nickname but I prefer fuller names on the birth certificate.
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