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    Eldrid - Not my style, but not bad.
    Godfrey - definitely a big name for a small child. I'd be a little concerned about the lack of nickname options should little Godfrey dislike his name (it's sort of one of those name you either love or hate).
    Geoffrey - strongly dislike.
    Edward - Twilight ruined this name for me.
    Swanhild - lovely.
    Poppy - adore.
    Eliza - dislike the sound.
    Rosalina - I think this one is easier to pronounce than Rosalind - really? I find Rosalind easier and tend to prefer it.
    Noor - nice, but definitely out of place of the rest of your names.
    Clarimond - not quite sure how to pronounce this.
    Ragnar - sounds like a villain's name.
    Cedric - I like it.
    Alfred - not bad.
    Amory - okay.
    Rainer - not my style.

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    Saracita, I love your suggestions. Cormac is already on my list, Leif is nice, so is Desmond.

    bibliophile, really. Rosalind have number of pronunciation and I prefer the hardest one. Hahah. Like your suggestions. Amoret is already on my list, Rosamunde and Eluned are nice, just worried about Rosamund spelling. Love Alaric.

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    Eldrid - This sounds like a wizard name! I feel like I would love it on an old man but not on a young boy.
    Godfrey - I like this. I feel like you'd have to pair it with a more conventional middle in case Godfrey is too "out there" for your little guy.
    Geoffrey - Eh. It's just a different spelling of Jeffrey, not exciting enough for me! (Edit: Unless you're pronouncing it like the Game of Thrones character who is a horrible little S.O.B.)
    Edward - Ditto Saracita, Twilight ruined this name for me too.
    Swanhild - Oooh. Not my style but I love how unexpected it is.
    Poppy - Poppy is so sweet. I wanted to use it but DH thinks of Poppy the old man from Seinfeld.
    Eliza - I think of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Not my favourite character.
    Rosalina - I prefer just Rose or Rosa. I'm not a fan of Rosalind, and I only slightly prefer Rosalina... too girly for me.
    Noor - Jury's out on this one. Very unusual, I don't think I like it but I may change my mind after I think about it.
    Clarimond - I like.
    Ragnar - I think of a grizzled pirate! It's a lot of fun, but its pretty out there.
    Cedric - I like Cedric. Most young people will think of the Harry Potter character but I can get past the association.
    Alfred - I have an uncle named Alfred and he's a total ass, so I'm not crazy about this one. Also: Alf?
    Amory - I've always liked Amory, I'm not sure why so many people seem to dislike it.
    Rainer - I think I like this? But it would depend on the combo.

    Also, Bibliophile I LOVE Heathcliff to death.
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    Eldrid Not my style. I don't see the appeal.
    Godfrey Have you seen the old movie with William Powell? I like this one, but some people might find it too out there or unfamiliar. Keep it.
    Geoffrey I have a cousin Geoff. I like the name and the spelling.
    Edward Keep. Ward or Ted.
    Swanhild Not my style and not with Edward! (Edward Cullen and (Isa)bella Swan!)
    Poppy if you're in the UK, keep. I'm not sure it works in the US. I would like it better as a nickname.
    Eliza lovely
    Rosalina Nice.
    Noor Lovely; on my own list.
    Ragnar. not my style. I wouldn't add this one.
    Cedric Lovely! I like the Harry Potter.
    Alfred Not my style, but it could work.
    Amory I prefer vastly This Side of Paradise to The Great Gatsby. I believe he pronounces A-mor-ry.
    Rainer Not sure.

    Other suggestions:
    Archie (Archibald?)

    Good luck!
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    katieydenberg, thank you for your input.

    emilyva, thank you for your input. Roland is already on my list and I really don't like Millicent. Love Melisande, thou.

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