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    Names I might add to my full list...

    I'm searching for some names to add to my list. I'm looking for boys names especially, that's way I collected more boy names, but I'm thinking of girls names also.

    Love to see comments on my possible boy and girl list, listed below. Feel free to be honest, just don't be rude.

    I love mythological, trendy names, mostly with Elle nickname. On my boys list I have Lancelot, Percival, Gawain as possible boys names. Love Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Belgian, Norse, Egyptian and Greek mythology. Anything to suggest?

    I would prefer uncommon or unusual names, but feel free to suggest something more popular.

    Names I'm thinking of adding to my full lists are:

    Godfrey - would it be weird if atheist calls his child God-frey?
    Edward - worried about nickname Eddie or Ed. I know this can't be avoid, but maybe I would never loved Eddie as I love Edmund or Edward.
    Rosalina - I think this one is easier to pronounce than Rosalind.
    Clarimond - I have a ex-friend called Klara and we are not in good relations. Would this be weird to name a child?
    Amory - which is correct spelling? Emory or Amaury? Are they pronounce the same?
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    Eldrid - for a girl? I like Eldrid.
    Godfrey - I don't think it's weird, it's referring to a pagan god though, not the christian one.
    Geoffrey - nice, I think Godfrey is cooler.
    Edward - The Edward I know is a Teddy.
    Swanhild - beautiful, I prefer Svanhild or Swanilda myself, but lovely all the same.
    Poppy - cute! I adore Poppy.
    Eliza - I find this boring, but nothing wrong with it. I prefer sleeker and more romantic Elisa.
    Rosalina - beautiful.
    Noor - beautiful.
    Clarimond - nah, I think it's fine. It wouldn't bother me.
    Ragnar - LOVE. Beautiful name.
    Cedric - very nice.
    Alfred - adore Alfred. Little Alfie.
    Amory - lovely. As far as I know Amory, Emory, Emery and Amery are all medieval versions of Almeric, Amaury is the French version.
    Amaury: a-mo-REE
    Amory/Amery: AY-muh-ree
    Emory/Emery: EM-uh-ree
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    Eldrid--nothing WRONG with it, but not an 'amazingly great' name.
    Godfrey - Reminds me of Mrs. Godfrey from the Big Nate comics. And it's your call on the 'God' syllable.
    Geoffrey--Why not just Jeffery?
    Edward - I read a terrible book called Codex and the main character was Edward, plus it doesn't sound good. Edwin or Edmund, maybe?
    Swanhild-I've never heard this one, so I can't say.
    Poppy-This is a nice name that, sadly, is also a common term for grandfather...
    Eliza-El-EEza? Ehl-AYE-za?
    Rosalina - I like this one!
    Clarimond - As long as you don't call her Clara, this one's perfectly fine...but it sounds like a store.
    Cedric-Cecil is better. *shrug*
    Alfred-On the fence about this one.
    Amory - Emory is the better spelling, despite the Emory board connections.
    Rainer-It's okay...
    Some suggestions: Arthur, Fionn (or just Finn), Jupiter/Zeus, Loki, Thor, Hephastaeus (spelling?), Thoth

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    Ottilie, didn't realized Godfrey means god Frey. How silly! Thank you for your positive feedback.

    raevynstar, you're been very helpful, thanks. Some of suggested names are already on the list.

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