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    * Etta Maeve * Margo Alice * Edith Joanna * Gaia Rosemary *
    - Beatrix - Sylvie - Thomasin - Nell - Talitha (Tallie) - Tansy - Faye - Zinnia -
    * Seth Marcus * Reeve Alexander * Robin Nicholas * Marcus Zephyr *
    - Stefan - Kit - Reuben - Alec - Eben - Gabriel - Caspar - Frederick (Freddie) -

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    bentley, maxwell, easton, & schuyler

    I think with your boys' names, a distinctly feminine name would work well (to avoid confusion-- I've been getting a lot of xmas cards lately and find myself completely unable to match the names in the signatures to my friends' kids because they're all unisex. Terribly vexing.) I see your boys' names have a distinct prep school feel. To that end, I've compiled my favorites (in no particular order):


    If you *are* going for something outside the box and a little unisex, my favorites on that end of the spectrum were Linnea, Fallon, & Delaney

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    So for the most part no one is really liking DH’s made-up/creative/smashed-together/unique names.(I really don’t blame you I’m not that big of a fan either.)

    I really do want to avoid the NN Bella/Belle, but as you can see he likes Bel/Belle/Bella names.

    The names we only consider as MN:
    Fallon, Reign, Nicolette, Delaney, Jaida, Mae, Rae, Saige, Zella, Zoey, Faith, Grace, Hope, Jade, Brooke, Fiona, Hazelle, Phoebe, Sophia, Sascha, Nova, Noelle, Snow, Paige, Giselle(See I knew I forgot some.)

    Yeah I also forgot:
    Alexandra, Daphne, Jacqueline, Jocelyn, Layla, Meagan, Miranda, Melanie, Tessalynn, Morgan, Nadiya, Nataliya, Shaelyn, Trinity, Raeanne, Vanessa, Josephine(Would this be too weird with E‘s MN being Joseph?)

    DH also has proclaimed that a Christmas baby named Winter Snow was a must.(Safe to say I nearly slapped him when he clamed he was being serious.)
    Happily married to my better half Nikolai.
    Our Handsome Gentlemen Bentley, Maxwell, Easton & Schuyler.
    And Beautiful Princess Anastasia.

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