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    Alaric or Hendrick? nn ideas?

    I'm toying with the idea of adding Hendrick to my list, or rather replacing Alaric with Hendrick. The issue is nicknames. I'm okish, but not crazy about Ricky, which would be my go to nn for either name. I'm considering Lark as a nn for Alaric, but I'm afraid it might border on too feminine with my favorite Alaric combo, Alaric Marion. I can't come up with any other nn ideas for Hendrick. So I'm asking which do you prefer, Alaric or Hendrick, and why? Also any creative nn ideas for either one?
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    Sorry for any mistakes. I'm on my mobile.
    I much prefer Alaric to Hendrick. I don't like Hendrick at all because it seems too surname-y. I like the similar Henrik more.

    Alaric - Ali and Ari
    Hendrick - Enri

    Could I have your thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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    Neither Alaric or Hendrick are my style, though I concur with ikfly and like Henrik more.

    If I met a little Alaric I would be tempted to call him Al or Ali.
    A little Hendrick I would call Henry, Hen, Henk, Hank or Hendy.
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    I love Alaric nn Lark. I know a little boy named Lark (his brother is Lyric) and they don't have any problems with it and since Marion is the middle name, people won't know it unless they ask or see paper work of some kind. So I think your fine!
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    Hendrik nn Hank would be my pick.

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