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    Love Felix with your girls. We are also considering Beatrice nn birdie.

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    I love Felix and Theo. however, I agree with some of the others that Felix is too close to Fifi. So I'd vote for Theo Shephard or Theodore Noble.


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    I love your daughters' names! Not really a fan of Harvey, and Harvey Hatpin sounds cartoonish. Felix and Theo are both great names, but I slightly prefer Felix.

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    Thank you all so much for the replies!

    I also thought Harvey Hatpin was a little silly, but my husband absolutely loves it. I think this may be enough confirmation to cross it off the list though (although I would adore it with another surname!).

    I didn't even think of Felix & Fifi sounding so similar... Im so glad that was pointed out! We call her Fifi about 75% of the time so that's probably often enough to cross off Felix, as well.

    This leaves Theo. I am definitely open to Theodore... it's growing on me. My husband was the main one who didn't like it, but I'm sure he will be easily swayed.

    So happy to have a top contender! Thank you so much, berries!

    Little Theodore Noble/Shepherd/Brave (just heard this last one and I'm loving it...) is very appreciate, as well!

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    Felix Sheperd is my favorite!
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