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    I love Clementine too - you're not crazy for having picked it!

    There isn't a single name on the market that won't have some tease-able quality about it. Think of it this way - everyone LOVES the fruit. It's user-friendly, cute, and delicious. Positive associations!

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    No need to change. Clementine is spunky and modern. cute NN for a baby...Tiny!

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    I agree that Clementine is adorable... and I always felt the same way for a while, had trouble using the name we chose, but it sounds like it's a normal first-few-weeks thing! It's such a big decision, but you did great!
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    Clementine Clare is a beautiful name, and I personally think that it will settle in as you get used to it.

    And in terms of teasing, she has one song!

    My name is Caroline Maria, both pretty common, and I have at least four I have to deal with. Sweet Caroline, Roses (the lyrics go "Caroline!/All the guys would say she's mighty fine!" etc), Maria (from West Side Story), Maria (from the sound of Music)...

    Clementine Clare is gorgeous. I think you should stick with your gut.

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    Both are beautiful! The more you get to know and fall in love with your little girl, the more she will become Clementine to you, and the more (hopefully) you will love it. I bet there will be a day you wont be able to imagine her name anything but Clementine.
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