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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    When I think of Elizabeth I think of these points:

    1. Traditional.
    2. Translates into lots of languages.
    3. A shed load of nicknames.

    The boy name equivalent that springs to mind is William as it fulfils all three categories. Perhaps Willem?
    William was my first thought too.
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    Eli, Elijah and Elias are the most similar sounding in terms of Elisabeth, but as Renrose said, you are looking for certain categories. I love Boaz Willem, but my personal suggestions, despite not sharing many things in common with Elisabeth, would be Ptolemy, Malachi, Mordecai and Thaddeus.

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    The male equivalent of Elizabeth... Hmm.


    Here's a list of popular names in Elizabethan England:

    I would argue that any boy's name on this list that is still popular today is the male equivalent of Elizabeth.
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    Made me think of Lysander which is kind of like a softer Alexander. Also Jasper instead of Caspar. Malachy instead of Malachi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elo View Post
    I love Boaz! It's such a rich name, with a lovely biblical story. I wanted to use the name and have him go by nick name of Bo. Unfortunately, my hubs vetoed it because he was sure he would be teased as "Bo Ass." So ridiculous! I could not dissuade him and so we moved on. I'm glad to see that someone else might use it. I have yet to know any Boaz's and think it's unusual but not weird. Wonderful choice!
    Thank you! Boaz doesn't always get the best response, but when someone likes it, they really seem to love it! I usually get "IT'S THE BEST NAME EVER!" or "I would positively swoon if I ever met an adorable little Boaz!" OR "Are you crazy?!" or "Please don't name your son that!" and usually nothing in between, hahaha. I usually wouldn't be so bold in my name tastes, but my grandmother was Ruth, and I think the tie is so cute! Plus, I love Beau/Bo. So in her honor, I could be that brave. If it were any other reason, I don't think I'd go for it. It's honestly so out-of-place on my list, but I still adore it. I always have loved the story of Ruth and Boaz, though!

    Thanks, ladies! I've tossed around a few more options:

    Boaz Elliot Henry
    Boaz Emmett Henry (really like this, but I absolutely refuse to do the 2-2-2 syllable count, since my surname is also two syllables. I think it sounds absolutely terrible. Maybe Boaz Emmett Gray, or Boaz Emmett _____? I could easily get into Boaz Emmett Noah, too, which is unfortunate, because it has the same syllable count...)
    Boaz Nicholas Henry
    Boaz Caspar ____
    Boaz Elliot Peter
    Boaz William ____/Boaz _____ William

    I'm really loving the idea of Boaz _____ Henry, though! I feel like Henry might be my male equivalent of Elisabeth. I try to shove it all over my list as a mn, anyway! I'm the same with Elias or Elliot, though.

    If you had to fill in the blank for Boaz _____ Henry, what would you suggest? I'm also loving Boaz Sebastian Henry, Boaz Alexander Henry, and Boaz Emerson Henry...

    Thanks, ladies!
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