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    Boaz Hendrik - Hendrik is less popular than Elisabeth but to me it’s got a similar yet masculine feel. It’s a little harder than Elisabeth but it’s similarity to Henry gives it a nice softness. It’s got a nice international fair to it without being unrecognizable or “weird”.

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    Edmund came to mind immediately.

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    The only one I could think of was Eli. I know it isn't related, though.

    Edmund ^^ is a nice idea.
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    If you go back to the New Testament, where Elizabeth/Elisabeth originated (I believe), her husband's name was Zechariah. Zechariah is extremely strong and stylish, much more so than Zachary.

    If I were you, I would consider Zechariah. Like Elizabeth, it has four syllables and a Z -- and a shared Biblical history.

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    I love Boaz! It's such a rich name, with a lovely biblical story. I wanted to use the name and have him go by nick name of Bo. Unfortunately, my hubs vetoed it because he was sure he would be teased as "Bo Ass." So ridiculous! I could not dissuade him and so we moved on. I'm glad to see that someone else might use it. I have yet to know any Boaz's and think it's unusual but not weird. Wonderful choice!

    Some middle possibilities....

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    - Damian
    - Sebastian
    - Julian
    - Henri or Henrik
    - Judah
    - Marcus
    - Stephen
    - Quentin
    - Jefferson
    - Lucas
    - Crispin
    - Dashiell
    - Tobin or Tobias
    - Alastair
    - Forrest
    - Augustus or Augustine (I'm biased!)
    - Matthias
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