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    Last Name: Bishop
    Great Grandfather: Frank Dennis
    Great Grandmother: Mary Janet
    DD1: Allison Jo
    DD2: Kelly Cassandra
    DS1: Greg Stuart

    Last Name: Little
    Grandmother: Allison Jo
    Grandfather: Nicholas Alfred
    DS1: Aaron Jonathan

    Last Name: Little
    DH: Aaron Jonathan
    DW: Lauren Elizabeth
    DD1 & 2: Caroline Addison & Kelsey Alyssa
    DD 3: Haley Sylvia

    Last Name: Burke
    Grandmother: Kelly Cassandra
    Grandfather: Trevor Roland
    DD1: Emily Kerry
    DD2: Vicky Rae
    DS1: Andy Paul
    DD3: Milly Hope

    Last Name: Reid
    DW: Emily Kerry
    DH: Clayton Neal
    DD1: Sonja Kendall
    DD2: Lilith Heather
    DS1: Gavin Callum
    DS2: Xavier Arlo

    Last Name: Brewer
    DW: Vicky Rae
    DH: Jack Thomas
    DS1: Nolan Anthony

    Last Name: Burke
    DH: Andy Paul
    DW: Georgia Raegan
    DD1: Daphne June
    DD2: Zoey Gabrielle

    Last Name: Holland
    DW: Milly Hope
    DH: Russell Noel
    DD1 & DS1: Camilla Mira & Porter Darren

    Last Name: Bishop
    Grandfather: Greg Stuart
    Grandmother: Savanna May
    DD1: Elizabeth Marie
    DD2: Samantha Jessica
    DD3: Jennifer Sarah
    DD4: Courtney Rachel
    DS1: Michael Christopher
    DS2: Justin Andrew
    DD5: Chelsea Michelle

    Last Name: Gilbert
    DW: Elizabeth Marie
    DH: Tyler Eric
    DD1: Anna Olivia
    DS1: Christian Benjamin
    DD2: Julia Morgan
    DD3: Savannah Chloe
    DS2: Logan Hunter

    Last Name: Fowler
    DW: Samantha Jessica
    DH: Steven George
    DD1: Emma Abigail
    DS1: William Ryan
    DD2: Isabella Victoria

    Last Name: Davidson
    DW: Jennifer Sarah
    DH: Samuel Gage
    DS1, DS2, and DS3: Griffin Alec, Miles Zane, & Brody Xander
    DD1, DD2, and DD3: Lucy Kiera, Makenna Jade, & Elise Raven

    Last Name: Jennings
    DW: Courtney Rachel
    DH: Liam Micah
    DS1: Oliver Samuel
    DS2: Noah Rowan
    DS3: Travis Hayden
    DD1: Molly Laura

    Last Name: Bishop
    DH: Michael Christopher
    DW: Annabelle Mila
    DD1: Ava Lila

    Last Name: Bishop
    DH: Justin Andrew
    DW: Claire Louisa Ainsley
    DS: Graham Jack

    Last Name: Sutton
    DW: Chelsea Michelle
    DH: Carson Topher
    DD1 & DD2: Vivienne Delaney & Anna Presley
    Current Favs:

    Margaret * Fife * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Harriet * Clementine * Aurelia * Mae

    Andrew * Samuel * Everett * Leo * Jack * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Henry * Jude

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    Last Name: Evans
    Great Grandfather: Charles Frank
    Great Grandmother: Kathleen Mary
    DD1: Gwendolyn Jo
    DD2: Cassandra Irene
    DS1: Reuben Stuart

    - Last Name: Reid
    - Grandmother: Gwendolyn Jo
    - Grandfather: Nicholas Francis
    - DS1: Jeffrey Adam

    -- Last Name: Reid
    --DH: Jeffrey Adam
    --DW: Bridget Erin
    --DD1 & 2: Lindsey Caroline & Priscilla Kelsey
    --DD 3: Sylvia Stacie

    -Last Name: Welch
    -Grandmother: Cassandra Irene
    -Grandfather: Roland Lloyd
    -DD1: Eva Emily
    -DD2: Grace Doris
    -DS1: Paul Andy
    -DD3: Nina Hope

    --Last Name: Bowman
    --DW: Eva Emily
    --DH: Lester Neal
    --DD1: Sonja Kendall
    --DD2: Lilith Natalie
    --DS1: Callum Gavin
    --DS2: Arlo Xavier

    --Last Name: Larson
    --DW: Grace Doris
    --DH: Cole Thomas
    --DS1: Archer Nolan

    --Last Name: Welch
    --DH: Paul Andy
    --DW: Evangeline Lyric
    --DD1: Haven June
    --DD2: Zoey Gabrielle

    --Last Name: Holland
    --DW: Nina Hope
    --DH: Russell Noel
    --DD1 and DS1: Mira Marilyn & Camden Porter

    -Last Name: Evans
    -Grandfather: Reuben Stuart
    -Grandmother: Kyla May
    -DD1: Marie Elizabeth
    -DD2: Jessica Ashley
    -DD3: Megan Stephanie
    -DD4: Rachel Danielle
    -DS1: Christopher Matthew
    -DS2: James Andrew
    -DD5: Katherine Michelle

    --Last Name: Byrd
    --DW: Marie Elizabeth
    --DH: Zachary Eric
    --DD1: Anna Sydney
    --DS1: Benjamin Dylan
    --DD2: Morgan Julia
    --DD3: Sophia Chloe
    --DS2: Logan Caleb

    --Last Name: May
    --DW: Jessica Ashley
    --DH: Robert George
    --DD1: Emma Abigail
    --DS1: Alexander Ryan
    --DD2: Isabella Rachel

    --Last Name: Hopkins
    --DW: Megan Stephanie
    --DH: Joel Nicholas
    --DS1,DS2, and DS3: Alec Griffin, Miles Avery & Simon Brody
    --DD1,DD2, and DD3: Lucy Elena, Kristen Jade & Mallory Elise

    --Last Name: Lowe
    --DW: Rachel Danielle
    --DH: Isaac Louis
    --DS1: Oliver Harry
    --DS2: Rowan Marty
    --DS3: Travis Adam
    --DD1: Molly Bella

    --Last Name: Evans
    --DH: Christopher Matthew
    --DW: Althea Annabelle
    --DD1: Lila Aislin

    --Last Name: Evans
    --DH: James Andrew
    --DW: Louisa Claire
    --DS: Graham Blake

    --Last Name: Lucas
    --DW: Katherine Michelle
    --DH: Hudson Topher
    --DD1 and DD2: Emery Vivienne & Fiona Brinley

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    Nov 2013
    GGF: Frank Charles Morrison
    GGM: Nancy Kathleen *Bishop* Morrison
    DD1: Karla Dianne *Morrison* Jacobs
    -DH: Alfred Clarence Jacobs "Al"
    --ds1: Jeffrey Aaron Jacobs "Jeff"
    ---dw: Erin Elizabeth *Reid* Jacobs
    ----dd/dd: Addison Caroline Jacobs/Kelsey Alyssa Jacobs
    ----dd: Haley Rachelle Jacobs
    DD2: Lynda Irene *Morrison* Burke
    -DH: Clinton Lloyd Burke "Clint"
    --dd1: Kerry Sue *Burke* Bowman
    ---dh: Clayton Neal Bowman
    ----dd: Kendall Sonja Bowman
    ----dd: Natalie Alaia Bowman
    ----ds: Kaeden Gavin Bowman
    ----ds: Xavier Jorden Bowman
    --dd2: Robin Rae *Burke* Frazier
    ---dh: Cole Thomas Frazier
    ----ds: Archer Nolan Frazier
    --ds1: Ron Paul Burke
    ---dw: Raegan Evangeline *Brewer* Burke
    ----dd: Khloe Haven Burke
    ----dd: Zoey Jaclyn Burke
    --dd3: Deena Hope *Burke* Hoffman
    ---dh: Tony Russell Hoffman
    ----dd/ds: Kaylie Marilyn Hoffman/Zaiden Porter Hoffman
    DS1: Stuart Wade Morrison
    -DW: Louann Mary *Douglas* Morrison
    --dd1: Elizabeth Ann *Morrison* Fleming "Beth"
    ---dh: Eric Zachary Fleming
    ----dd: Olivia Corinne Fleming "Livy"
    ----ds: Benjamin Austin Fleming "Ben"
    ----dd: Morgan Julia Fleming
    ----dd: Savannah Chloe Fleming
    ----ds: Caleb Hunter Fleming
    --dd2: Amanda Britney *Morrison* Fowler "Mandy"
    ---dh: Robert George Fowler "Rob"
    ----dd: Madison Abigail Fowler "Maddie"
    ----ds: Ryan William Fowler
    ----dd: Isabella Taylor Fowler "Bella"
    --dd3: Stephanie Jennifer *Morrison* Walters
    ---dh: Joel Nicolas Walters
    ----ds/ds/ds: Alec Brent Walters/Zane Miles Walters/Troy Caden Walters
    ----dd/dd/dd: Macy Shannon Walters/Jade Makenna Walters/Lucy Kirsten Walters
    --dd4: Melissa Rachel *Morrison* Barnett "Missy"
    ---dh: William Louis Barnett "Will"
    ----ds: Samuel Oliver Barnett "Sam"
    ----ds: Noah Maverick Barnett
    ----ds: Hayden Travis Barnett
    ----dd: Molly Bella Barnett
    --ds1: Christopher Daniel Morrison "Chris"
    ---dw: Kaylin Annabelle *Curtis* Morrison
    ----dd: Finleigh Ava Morrison
    --ds2: Andrew James Morrison "Andy"
    ---dw: Claire Ainsley *Jensen* Morrison
    ----ds: Jack Connor Morrison
    --dd5: Rebecca Michelle *Morrison* Sutton "Becca"
    ---dh: Chase Topher Sutton
    ----dd/dd: Emery Vivienne Sutton/Fiona Brinley Sutton

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    Aug 2009
    DH: Charles Kenneth Morrison
    DW: Mary Kathleen {Phillips} Morrison

    DD1: Gwendolyn Dianne {Morrison} Shannon
    DD2: Lydia Irene {Morrison} Fuller
    DS1: Stuart Wade Morrison


    DD1: Gwendolyn Dianne {Morrison} Shannon
    DH: Nicholas Alfred Shannon

    DS: Aaron Jeffrey Shannon
    - DW: Lauren Elizabeth {Evans} Shannon
    - DD/DD: Caroline Lindsey Shannon / Kelsey Priscilla Shannon
    - DD: Haley Sylvia Shannon


    DD2: Lydia Irene {Morrison} Fuller
    DH: Trevor Roland Fuller

    DD: Emily Sue {Fuller} Reid
    - DH: Clayton Neal Reid
    - DD: Sonja Kendall Reid
    - DD: Natalie Alaia Reid
    - DS: Gavin Callum Reid
    - DS: Jorden Arlo Reid

    DD: Grace Robin {Fuller} Larson
    - DH: Luke Thomas Larson
    - DS: Jace Anthony Larson

    DS: Paul Andrew Fuller
    - DW: Nadia Evangeline {Brewer} Fuller
    - DD: Daphne June Fuller
    - DD: Zoey Gabrielle Fuller

    DD: Jana Hope {Fuller} Holland
    - DH: Russell Noel Holland
    - DD/DS: Mira Marilyn Holland / Camden Porter Holland


    DS1: Stuart Wade Morrison
    DW: May Louann {Douglas} Morrison

    DD: Elizabeth Marie {Morrison} Jensen
    - DH: Jacob Zachary Jensen
    - DD: Olivia Sydney Jensen
    - DS: Austin Benjamin Jensen
    - DD: Julia Morgan Jensen
    - DD: Chloe Savannah Jensen
    - DS: Caleb Hunter Jensen

    DD: Jessica Samantha {Morrison} Fowler
    - DH: Robert George Fowler
    - DD: Alexis Madison Fowler
    - DS: Ryan Joshua Fowler
    - DD: Taylor Brianna Fowler

    DD: Jennifer Sarah {Morrison} Curtis
    - DH: Joel Parker Curtis
    - DS/DS/DS: Griffin Avery Curtis / Troy Miles Curtis / Brody Ronald Curtis
    - DD/DD/DD: Lucy Elena Curtis / Kristen Jade Curtis / Mallory Elise Curtis

    DD: Danielle Amber {Morrison} Lowe
    - DH: Micah Louis Lowe
    - DS: Adrian Oliver Lowe
    - DS: Noah Rowan Lowe
    - DS: Travis Hayden Lowe
    - DD: Molly Karsten Lowe

    DS: Christopher Michael Morrison
    - DW: Kellan Annabelle {Barnett} Morrison
    - DD: Lila Finleigh Morrison

    DS: David Andrew Morrison
    - DW: Ainsley Claire {Jennings} Morrison
    - DS: Blake Connor Morrison

    DD: Tiffany Katherine {Morrison} Sutton
    - DH: Hudson Chase Sutton
    - DD/DD: Vivienne Emery Sutton / Fiona Presley Sutton
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    Jan 2012


    GGF: Charles Kenneth Bishop
    GGM: Nancy Karen Bishop
    DD1: Allison Dianne Bishop
    DD2: Cassandra Irene Bishop
    DS1: Stuart Neil Bishop
    DD1: Allison Dianne McCarthy (nee Bishop)
    -DH: Francis Alfred McCarthy
    --DS: Aaron Kyle McCarthy
    ---DW: Lauren Elizabeth McCarthy
    ----DD/DD: Caroline Marissa McCarthy and Alyssa Priscilla McCarthy
    ----DD: Sylvia Rachelle McCarthy
    DD2: Cassandra Irene Welch (nee Bishop)
    -DH: Trevor Lloyd Welch
    --DD: Emily Sue Bowman (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Lester Neal Bowman
    ----DD: Sonja Jewel Bowman
    ----DD: Lilith Alaia Bowman
    ----DS: Gavin Callum Bowman
    ----DS: Andre Xavier Bowman
    --DD: Robin Grace Frazier (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Jack Thomas Frazier
    ----DS: Anthony Nolan Frazier
    --DS: Andy Paul Welch
    ---DW: Raegan Evangeline Welch
    ----DD: Katelynn Daphne Welch
    ----DD: Zoey Gabrielle Welch
    --DD: Nina Hope Douglas (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Tony Russell Douglas
    ----DD/DS: Kaylie Marilyn Douglas and Darren Porter Douglas
    DS1: Stuart Neil Welch
    -DW: Kyla Louann Welch
    --DD: Elizabeth Marie Fleming (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Jacob Tyler Fleming
    ----DD: Olivia Corrine Fleming
    ----DS: Ethan Benjamin Fleming
    ----DD: Julia Morgan Fleming
    ----DD: Maria Alexandra Fleming
    ----DS: Kyle Logan Fleming
    --DD: Jessica Britney Soto (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Richard Jenson Soto
    ----DD: Emma Abigail Soto
    ----DS: William Ryan Soto
    ----DD: Victoria Taylor Soto
    --DD: Megan Sarah Hopkins (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Samuel Nicolas Hopkins
    ----DS/DS/DS: Brent Avery Hopkins, Miles Caden Hopkins, and Simon Brody Hopkins
    ----DD/DD/DD: Lucy Elena Hopkins, Kristen Jade Hopkins, and Elise Mallory Hopkins
    --DD: Danielle Courtney Graves (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Isaac Liam Graves
    ----DS: Oliver Harry Graves
    ----DS: Noah Harper Graves
    ----DS: Adam Hayden Graves
    ----DD: Molly Laura Graves
    --DS: Christopher Matthew Welch
    ---DW: Kaylin Annabelle Welch
    ----DD: Ava Finleigh Welch
    --DS: Justin David Welch
    ---DW: Claire Ainsley Welch
    ----DS: Connor Blake Welch
    --DD: Chelsea Katherine Lucas (nee Welch)
    ---DH: Charlie Hudson Lucas
    ----DD/DD: Vivienne Emery Lucas and Anna Brinley Lucas
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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