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    I really like Indira, but if it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel right. Somehow all of these "fit" with Azula in my mind:

    Samara or Samaria
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    An update for everyone - Saw my midwife yesterday & she said if I'm careful to avoid any triggers I can probably keep this baby in for another week (MAYBE two). Apparently its totally normal to walk around semi-dilated and having light contractions for weeks. Who knew? Jeez maybe I should have read more pregnancy books.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone for contributing your ideas during my time of sheer panic! I'm happy to (hopefully) have another week or so to find the right name for this (or come to TRULY love the name we have now).

    Thanks again everybody, still appreciating more suggestions but definitely feeling more relaxed now.

    I'll make sure to keep you all posted & let you know when babykins decides to come.
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    I prefer India to Indira to be honest...but if you truly love Indira, ignore my sentiments...not everyone likes my choice of names either...

    But I do love Pandora, Sage, Saffron...i.e. Saffron Sage, Pandora Sage etc

    Not sure if these are your style, but other possible choices are:

    Gardenia Plum

    Sienna Raine

    Winter Rose

    Ruby Winter

    Florence Poet

    Lucy Cinnamon

    Emerald Lily

    Lavender Matilda

    Eglantine Delilah

    Twyla Cynthia

    Birdie Nobilis

    Laurus Nobilis

    Aurora Reindeer

    Rosetta Ivy

    Hydrangea Sonata

    Pearl Evergreen

    Marguerita Amaryllis

    Artemisia Violet

    Daisy Meadow

    Pemberry Blue

    Greyswood Feather

    Sylviana Orchard

    Carys Cedar

    Ferelith December

    Avalon Yarrow

    Forest Berry

    Alaska Aurora

    Louisa Cloveberry

    Ever Aurelia

    Lily Nightingale

    Sage Iolite

    Marigold Juneau

    Amber Wren

    Aisling Wisteria

    Genevieve Holly

    December Holiday

    Daisy Isis

    Chloe Cressida

    Bodhi Lotus

    Georgia Cyan

    Porcelina Fawn

    India Rose

    India Ruby

    Olivia Hermione

    Charlotte Heather

    Henna Rose

    Rose Henna

    Scarlett Rose

    Isabeau Thistle

    Juniper Octavia

    Violet Persimmon

    India Pearl

    India Sea Pearl

    Happy Motherhood & All the Best
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