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    Ava Margaret Grace...but if it was me--Ava-Valentina Alexandra (one of my absolute favorites). Best wishes!

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    This is a tough one! Ava Grace is gorgeous, but there are soooooooooo many little girls named Ava. I taught gymnastics, and I had an Ava and an Ella in every single class. I fear Ava will one day be the Linda of this generation (no offense to all the amazing Lindas out there!)

    I once met an elderly woman named Ava Maria who was shocked the name was back in vogue. She was named Ava Maria because her parents adored the song "Ave Maria."

    Anyway, have you considered alternatives? These are still popular, but not nearly so popular as Ava:

    Eva Grace
    Ada Grace (my personal favorite!)
    Estella Grace (Estella means "star")
    Isla Grace
    Elsa Grace (close to Ella, but still different enough)

    I am afraid people will trip all over the name Aivleen, and your daughter might grow to hate it. The spelling looks clunky.

    I think Margaret Grace is beautiful and classy -- this kid is headed to Harvard! With Margaret, you have so many great nickname choices: Maggie, Maisie, etc.

    Good luck, mama!

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    PS Aveleen Grace & Aivleen Grace are pretty names too They're all beautiful! Choose the one that your heart warms to most...
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    Alright Sonnny, Welcome to nameberry!

    Breathe. Relax.

    I agree that Ava Grace is two very popular names. However if it is a name that you love, popularity starts to mean little to you. One of my favorites is Liliana Grace, and both of those names are super popular too. I'm guessing Ava isn't what you want though. I think Aivleen is cute, but I would spell it Aveline. To me its less confusing that way, but spelling is probably the last thing on your mind.

    Why are we compromising with Margaret, when Aveline nn Ava is the perfect compromise? The best of both worlds. You get the longer, less used, more unique name, and he gets the shorter nn. I think that would work perfectly. However, if you do like Margaret, I think that's a nice name too. I really like Aveline/ Aveleen nn Ava though.
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    I think Aveline is better than Aivleen. How do you pronounce it? Ava-Lynn? Ava-line?

    We were thinking of Avaline too but thought it sounds too much like Amolin (a baby nappy cream).

    Here's some names similar to Ava that you can use:

    even not being biased or anything as one of my kid's names Avaleigh (pronounced Ava-Lee or Av-ah-lee (as Ave in Avenue).
    Ava-Jean (A.J.)

    Ava Grace is absolutely classic but the most common
    Ava combo I think.
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    Other name combinations I like:

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