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Thread: Keziah

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    What are your thoughts on Keziah?

    Keziah is pronounced kə-ZIE-ə.
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    I think it's an underused Biblical name full of personality.

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    I think it's a lovely, underused Biblical name with a nature meaning, and since I like Biblical names and I'm a garden nerd who adores names of trees/plants it's kind of my jam.

    So that's the good part first. The bad part (for you, sorry) is I like it pronounced with the middle syllable a "zee," which I've heard used by Kezias/Keziahs before.

    I'm probably influenced by the Hebrew variants Ketzia/Ketziya etc. where it's got an "ee" sound in the middle, but the ZIE-ah seems not as melodious to me.

    It's on my list but I haven't picked a spelling, Ketzia/Kezia/Keziah. I don't know if one spelling would be surest to get the pronunciation you want?

    Don't hate me.

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    I dated a guy with the last name until I became a berry....I never considered it a fn...but I adore it to pieces I just could never use it :/
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    Love it! And especially nn Kizzy (but for family use only).

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