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    Lennox- is that that bad?

    I recently came across the name Lennox, Nickname most likely Lex but could also be Lenny or Knox...

    Am i the only one who really likes this name? My husband thinks it sounds feminine... I worry the x makes it look a bit trendy... you know how some ppl think Z or X's are cool...

    Ive only seen old posts about the name so wondering where this name fits in 2013, is it a nay or a yay?

    Possible siblings would be Freya and Ivy does Lennox nn Lex look weird next to these names?

    Any feed back is welcome
    PS i misspelled Lennox in the poll- should have two N's.

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    I really like Lennox. Personally I would not use a nickname.
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    I love this name!

    Classy, Scottish, manly, sensitive. It has it all! (so long as it does have those two n's!)

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    I really like Lennox. I think there is a potential of it having a slightly trendy feel due to the X's. However, I have never met one. Go for it. I also wouldn't use a nick name.

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    I really like your Lennox River combo in your signature. I see this name as unisex, which I don't think it's a bad thing. I think Lex, or Knox would both as nicknames.
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