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    Name the baby results!

    Since the game is done, you can describe each family member in detail if you would like! looks, personality, hobbies! Anything! Post pictures if you want! Have fun!

    Family 1: The Bakers
    DH: Gordon John Baker
    DW: Renee Whitney Baker
    DS: Mason Henry Baker (11) (bb)
    DS: Aiden Benjamin Baker (8) (savbav)
    DD: Chloe Ava Baker (6) (peacheysmiles)
    DDog: Braxton (treesarecool57)
    DCat: Tashi (taylorlou)

    Family 2: The Finches
    DH: Daniel Jacob Finch
    DW: Hadley Leah Finch
    DS: James Austin Finch (12) (stardust17 and oboeplayer1)
    DD: Josephine Aurora Finch (7) "Josie" (savbav)
    DS: Miles Leonard Finch (4) (taylorlou)
    DD/DD: Charlotte Holly Finch and Evelyn Kay Finch (3) "Lottie and Evie" (bb)

    Family 3: The Lewis-Smiths
    DW: Emily Megan Lewis-Smith
    DW: Spencer Marie Lewis-Smith
    DD: Margaret Sophia "Meg" Lewis-Smith (9) (oboeplayer1)
    DAS: Liam Matthew Lewis-Smith (11) (peacheysmile)
    DAD: Wynter Isabella Lewis-Smith (8) "Wynne" (lovemybabies29)
    DS/DS/DD: Felix Grey Lewis-Smith, Henry Joshua Lewis-Smith, and Tessa Daisy Lewis-Smith (6) (taylorlou)
    DAD: Jane Teagan Lewis-Smith (1) (treesarecool57)

    Family 4: The Garzas
    DH: Miguel Santiago Garza
    DW: Uma Emilia Garza
    DD: Catalina Lyric Garza (13) (oboeplayer1)
    DS/DS: Diego West Garza and Mateo Slate Garza "Teo" (10) (lovemybabies29)
    DD: Isabel Jane Garza (6) (bb)
    DS: Adriano Luca Garza (4) (oboeplayer1)

    Family 5: The Andersons
    DH: Jack Walter Anderson
    DW: Vienna Jane Anderson
    DS: Collin Dallas Anderson (12) (stardust17)
    DD: Astoria Grace Anderson (7) "Story" (oboeplayer1)
    DS: Finland Ever Anderson (6) "Finn" (peacheysmiles)
    DD: Geneva Lily Anderson (2) (bb) "Neve"
    DDog: Ocean

    Family 6: The Dunagans
    DH: Harvey Thomas Dunagan
    DW: Melissa Jennifer Dunagan
    DD: Wren Marlowe Dunagan (9) (bb)
    DD: Flora Bridget Dunagan (8) (cheshirekat)
    DS/DD: River Bellamy Dunagan and Willow Talise Dunagan (5) (cheshirekat)
    DS: August Luke Dunagan (3) (bb)

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