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    Me: Sylvia Katherine "Sylvie" Moreno.
    School: Eva Perón Elementary School.

    1. Juliana Cathrin Ruiz.
    2. Lily Jessica Koren.
    3. Vesper Ali Kolar.
    4. Cia Jessi Kolar.
    5. Evan Michael Petek.
    6. Louis James "Louie" Turk.
    7. Milena Rose "Millie" Kos.
    8. Thomas Edward "Tom" Nagy.
    9. Imogen Cate Ryan.
    10. Willow Paige King.
    11. Ada Hana Nguyen.
    12. Claire Elizabeth Sosa.
    13. Hermione Jean Giménez.
    14. Vivian Elise Varela.
    15. Amos Daniel Pereyra.
    16. Benjamin David "Ben" Arias.
    17. Terrence Damian "Terre" Arias.
    18. Aurelia Maisie Benítez.
    19. Scarlet Anne Acosta.

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    Valerie Brown "Miss Brown"
    Riverdale Elementary School
    1. Hilaria Cole
    2. Caitlin Morris
    3. Fatima Bousaid & Bari'ah Bousaid
    4. Levi Matute
    5. Avery Mitchell
    6. Madalena Avalos
    7. Moto Fujiwara
    8. Jessa Pruett
    9. Lyric Paxton
    10. Seo-yun Hyun
    11. Bianca Olson
    12. Ottilie Peters
    13. Alma Rivera
    14. Dexter Alvirez
    15. Joseph "Joey" & Nicholas "Nick" Corbin
    16. Zora Jones
    17. Ashlyn Wyatt

    Zora and Ottilie are bffs and the princesses of the class - the ones all the boys pay attention to.
    Madalena, Lyric and Bianca are the hipsters - too cool for everything but each other. There's lots of drama within their little group.
    Dexter and Moto are the "cool boys" who everyone likes.
    Joey, Nick, and Avery are inseparable and are all about sports, all the time.
    Alma, Ashlyn, and Fatima are the hyper, silly group.
    Hilaria, Seo-yun, Levi, and Caitlin are a sweet group of friends. They love to color and play with toys together.
    Jessa and Bari'ah are quiet and shy, but they've become the best of friends.
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    Me: Mrs. Catherine Paige Adams. *Mrs. Adams*
    School: Lincoln Elementary School

    1) Skye Eloise Johnson
    2) Madelyn Rose Carter *Maddie*
    3) Nicola Kate and Supriyah Hope Patel *Nicki and Supriyah*
    4) Jonah Ezekiel Richardson
    5) Cameron Paul Blake
    6) Jenna Louise Daniels
    7) Theodore Li Hyung *Theo*
    8) Zoë Jane Eliot Williamson
    9) Kylie Ann Mitchell
    10) Faith Lin Chu
    11) Maia Katherine Underwood
    12) Chloë Daniela Ross
    13) Jessalyn Grace Smith *Jessie*
    14) Silas Malachi Brunswick
    15) Hunter Kolton and Tucker Davin Kinsley *Hunter and Tuck*
    16) Bridget Hope Hadley
    17) Harper Adalyn Biondi

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    Your name is Emma Claire Burrows and you’re right out of college. You’re teaching a kindergarten class at the local elementary school, Park Road Elementary.

    1. Ebony Grace Taylor
    2. Charlotte Louisa Bennett
    3. Faiza Aslima & Miriyam Hazida Iqbal
    4. Charlie Reuben McDonald
    5. Kendrick Jackson Evans
    6. Milena Ruth Barlow
    7. Zachary Aiden Murray
    8. Ella Madeline Roberts
    9. Chloe Savannah Snape
    10. Eleanor Lily Trinh
    11. Freya Lauren Wood
    12. Sophia Kate Wilson
    13. Eden Hallie Johnson
    14. Liam James Metcalfe
    15. Mason Theodore & Riley Benjamin Ely
    16. Rebekah Faye Bowden
    17. Esme Amelia Hill
    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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