View Poll Results: What "I" name(s) do you like?

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  • Iva

    7 7.95%
  • Ivy

    57 64.77%
  • Isla

    53 60.23%
  • Izola

    4 4.55%
  • Izetta

    5 5.68%
  • Ivana

    13 14.77%
  • Ingrid

    37 42.05%
  • Iona

    33 37.50%
  • Irena

    25 28.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I voted for Iona and Irena, but would really swoon over Irene Clara.

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

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    I chose Ingrid. My favourite "I" names are:

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    Quote Originally Posted by asche926 View Post
    Thank you for the responses so far everyone! Just out of curiosity, how do you out there pronounce Isolde?
    The correct pronunciation of Isolde is either ih-SOL-duh or ih-ZOL-duh from what I've heard. I guess it's just personal preference whether you favor the z or s sound. I like the s better, personally.

    Anyway, I like Isla best from your list, though I've always had a soft spot for Irene. I like Ivy, but I immediately think of 1) Beyonce's baby and 2) poison ivy.

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    I voted for Ivy, Ingrid, and Iona.

    Ivy - a long term favourite of mine, puts me in mind of romantic cottages and antiquated, grown-over gardens.
    Ingrid - Tailored but femme, like a crisply pressed shirt. Indie is a possibility for a nickname.
    Iona - Beautiful sound.

    Other I names I like:
    Ione - eye-own-ee. I like the meaning, "violet" and I like the -e ending without being a nickname. It's similar to Ivy in sound but much more obscure.
    Isidora - I'm not fond of Isabel etc. but Isidora is unrelated and has such a Victorian feel. It's like polished cabochon gemstones. It melds strong-willed Isis with an almost steampunk quality.
    Isidra - A Spanish contraction of Isidora that scraps "Dora" as a nickname and cuts it down to 3 syllables without making it tame.
    Izora - I don't know if it was intended as a variant/19th C. misspelling of Isidora, or of Azura, or Isaura, but Izora was ranked in the US from 1880 to 1912, making her an interesting obscurity.
    Isolde - I say it ee-ZOLD though.
    Ilana - Can't use it myself, but do like it.
    Iola - A bit like Isla, but tied back to the Greek "violet" meaning, while being simpler than Ianthe or Iolanthe. The blurb on Nameberry for it is mean but I think it's interesting.
    Ixora - is a kind of jasmine plant. I can't decide if it's "name-y" or not.
    Indigo - another flower, this one more widely used than Ixora which as far as I know isn't used at all. I adore wild indigos.
    Iris - One of the most classic of flower names, and a goddess name. Iris is pretty much perfection to me, femme but not frilly, lots of history, and little girls can enjoy the rainbow aspect but I no trouble picturing an Iris as a grown woman of strength.

    I'm planning to use an I name myself, can you tell I've been looking through them? lol. Best of luck. And let me know if you turn up more interesting ones!

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    @stripedsocks: wow you have really done your homework! Unfortunately a lot of those beautiful names you listed would be instantly rejected by my husband. I showed him the poll results and he sighed and said "I guess ivy is the best".... Much less enthusiastically than before. *sigh*

    However, these suggestions and responses are fantastic. Thank you all again!
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