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Thread: Screen names

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    My original username was Grey, my favorite color. I'm still not sure how it happened but I ended up getting locked out of that account and none of the admins could fix it, so I just made a new one. Still wanted people to know who I was, so I went with greyer. Not that interesting, but I still like it!
    contemplating combos:
    August David Dodge · August Henry Dodge · Barnaby Viggo Paul · Barnaby Atlas Paul
    Leona Vesper Lynn · Vivian Lillie Revere · Florence Patricia Mae · Zelda Katherine Rose
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    Quote Originally Posted by babyninja143 View Post
    Mine comes from when we got a kitten. She moved like a ninja and we call her Baby then her name. The numbers are a stupid thing my best friend and I did in middle school. Wow, it was 10 years ago. We wrote a dare on our hands. Right before school got out at 1:43pm we could read what it said on the palm of our hands. Normally it said things like "Lick the doorknob."
    This made me laugh out loud! My friends and I were totally into Truth or Dare and we did silly dares like that! Thanks for the laugh!
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    It's my birthstone, and one of the colors of the school I graduated from.
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor June, Lydia Holly

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    I picked mine so long ago, I have no idea why I tacked "_bear" at the end. AJ are my first and middle initial. Very dull.

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    The first part is the word "reverse", well, reversed. I thought it was clever ages ago. '88 is my birth year.

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