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    David is a lovely, strong, timeless name.

    I think a cool / unexpected nickname could elevate it, though. Something like Day, Dai, Dax, Dash, Dewey, Davi...
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    David's strength lies in his versatility. He is a doctor, an outdoorsman, a marketing executive, a contractor, and an artist--free from association with one particular person or stereotype. There will always be a few Davids around, but not one will need to repeatedly spell or explain his name.

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    I think it's a nice and classic name. I prefer it in a middle spot cause it's a tad boring for my taste. There's nothing wrong with the name though.
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    If I'm to be brutally honest, I find it really boring. I just know SO many Davids. It's on a par with John or Steve. Just...yawn.

    It's not offensive, or ugly, it's just a bit meh.

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    Thank you, all, for your honest opinions.

    Sugarplum, I love your suggestions of modernizing it with a fun nickname. I really like Dax.

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