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    Please give me your honest opinions on David.

    David is a family name. I have gone back and fourth on this name a lot. When I was in school there were hordes of Davids. I have heard the name less and less as an adult.
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    David was fairly popular in the 1980s, but has waned a lot over recent years. My 27-year-old brother is named David. I think it's a nice name and would sound cute on a baby.
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    Most of the Davids I know are my dad's age, but David is truly timeless. I think it's a handsome name. It would be so refreshing to meet a baby David.

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    David is a wonderful, classic name. Go for it!

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    David is a good strong name. All of the David's I know are in their 20s or older, but I'd love to hear it on a baby now.
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