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    Downton Abbey

    This or That - Clunky Names

    {Martha. Lucy. Charlotte. Rose. Betsy. Evelyn. Pearl. Violet. Ada. Iris. Maude}
    {Elsie. Florence. Doris. Beatrice. Lillian. Minnie. Mabel. Daisy. Elizabeth. Eleanor.}
    {James. George. Henry. Andrew. Charlie. Daniel. Ernest. Matthew. Patrick. Walter.}
    {John. Christopher. Thomas. William. Winston. Hugo. Lachlan. Jack. Freddie. Albert.}

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    Agnes or Agatha > Agnes
    Augusta or Araminta > Araminta
    Betty or Bessie > Betty
    Blanche or Blythe > Blythe
    Celia or Cecile > Celia
    Clarice or Clotilde > Clarice
    Delyth or Demelza > Delyth
    Dinah or Dora > Dinah
    Dorothy or Dorothea > Dorothea
    Ethel or Enid > Ethel
    Eudora or Eugenie > Eugenie
    Euphemia or Eugenia > Eugenia
    Greta or Gertrude > Greta
    Hester or Henrietta > Henrietta
    Hetty or Hilda > Hilda
    Honoria or Isadora > Isadora
    Ida or Iva > Ida
    Joyce or Judith > Joyce
    Irene or Ingrid > Ingrid
    Lavinia or Loretta > Loretta
    Lucille or Mabel > Lucille
    Magdalene or Marguerite > Magdalene
    Margot or Marjorie > Margot
    Mathilde or Maude > Mathilde
    Mercy or Temperance > Mercy
    Millicent or Minerva > Minerva
    Muriel or Myrtle > Muriel
    Octavia or Opal > Opal
    Patience or Primrose > Primrose
    Priscilla or Prudence > Priscilla
    Rosetta or Rosina > Rosina
    Rhoda or Rowena > Rowena
    Theodora or Thomasina > Theodora
    Winifred or Wihelmina > Wilhelmina
    Zilla or Zipporah > Zipporah

    Alban or Algernon > Alban
    Ambrose or Amos > Amos
    Augustine or Augustus > Augustine
    Bernard or Bertram > Bernard
    Basil or Boris > Boris
    Cecil or Cedric > Cedric
    Clarence or Clement > Clement
    Clifford or Clinton > Clinton
    Cornelius or Cuthbert > Cornelius
    Cyril or Clive > Cyril
    Digby or Donald > Donald
    Edgar or Edwin > Edgar
    Emmett or Ernest > Emmett
    Eugene or Eustace > Eugene
    Fergus or Florian > Fergus
    Geoffrey or Gerald > Geoffrey
    Gideon or Gilbert > Gideon
    Godfrey or Godwin > Godwin
    Harold or Horace > Harold
    Herbert or Herman > Herman
    Hubert or Humphrey > Humphrey
    Leonard or Leopold > Leonard
    Leslie or Lester > Lester
    Lionel or Malcolm > Lionel
    Marvin or Melvin > Marvin
    Maurice or Montague > Montague
    Neville or Nigel > Nigel
    Norman or Oswald > Oswald
    Percival or Percy > Percy
    Randolph or Reginald > Reginald
    Roderick or Roland > Roland
    Roger or Ronald > Ronald
    Roy or Rudolf > Roy
    Septimus or Octavian > Septimus
    Silas or Sylvester > Silas
    Terrence or Theophilus > Theophilus
    Virgil or Vernon > Virgil
    Wallace or Walter > Walter
    Wilbert or Winston > Winston
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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