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    In Australia its pink and purple for boys its blue and green. Yellow's, orange's and grey's are unisex and I know little boys who were girls blue clothes because they could be used for either.
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    In Germany it's pink, purple + all pastel colors for baby girls. For baby boys it's usually blue.
    Red, white, beige and yellow are unisex.
    Brown, grey, green and black are also unisex but there are more boys products in these colors.
    Turquoise and orange are unisex as well but more girls clothes have these colors.

    For older kids, you can get clothes in all different colors (as they are more and more "mini versions" of adult clothes).
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    I'm from the UK (Wales). Definitely pink for girls and blue for boys. To be honest you don't see a lot of purple for girls, unless its lilac. A lot of little girls clothes in the shops at the moment are maroon, cream or metallic, sparkly type designs. Boys clothes more navy, dark blues, browns etc.
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    Where are you in America? In OK, we have purple for boys quite a bit. It's unisex. Pink is still for girls though. Darker blues like navy are boys' and turquoise, sky blue, etc. are girls.
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    I would say what I mostly see (in the US, though I do shop everywhere, thank you internet!) is that girls have been assigned softer colors - lighter shades, pastel shades, etc. - while boys have been assigned brighter, darker, and bolder colors (with the exception of sharing light blue and some aqua shades with girls).
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