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    Girl version of Zachary

    Is there a female version of Zachary? I like the meaning of "the Lord Remembered" Maybe Zacharee or some other spelling?
    This would be for a middle name.

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    I wouldn't use a 'feminized' version of Zachary, it would look tacky IMO.
    Zara, Zoe or Zalia could work

    Here is a link to names with that meaning:
    Eliza Jane. Owen Evander
    Nora Adeline . Isaac Ronan
    Zoe Elena . Jonah Benjamin
    Esther Madeleine . Reuben Alexander
    Lina Sophie . Lachlan Joshua

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    Spelling it wrong does not make it feminine. What about another "Z" name like Zakiah, Zahara, or Zipporah?

    ETA: Zaharina and Zaharinka are Bulgarian/Macedonian feminine forms. Zara is another Bulgarian feminine form, a diminutive of Zaharina.
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    I really want that meaning though. What about Zakari or Sachairi ? Zakelina was mentioned on that link (thanks grackym) but it rhymes with the first name.

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    I take it Sabrina Zaharinka ??? Too rhyme-y?

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