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    Tilly, Milly, Minnie: How to get to these cute nn's...?

    I love "old fashioned" sounding nicknames like Tilly, Milly and Minnie, but would never use them as full names. I've done some looking around to see what full names could lead me to these nicknames, but now I feel like my head is starting to spin and all the name are blending together! I'm looking for some help to get all of these options in one place and see what all the creative berries out there think about full name options for these types of nicknames. I'm open to nicknames/full names that are similar to the ones I mentioned too. Thanks!!!!

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    I think Mimi and Mim are quite sweet and I think both can be used as a nn for many M names, Margaret, Marianne, Miriam etc.
    Of course theres always lovely Maggie.
    Milly can work for Camilla/Camille, Emilia, Amelia.
    Tilly is a tough one, I can only think of Matilda.
    Minnie is very sweet. Minerva, Araminta, jessamine?

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    Tilly - Matilda, Ottilie.

    Milly - Amelia, Camille, Emily, Millicent, Romilly.

    Minnie - Araminta, Minerva

    These have probably all been repeated above!
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    Sorry for any repeats - these are my favourite ways to get to the above nicknames.

    Tilly: Clotilda/Clothilde, Clotilde, Matilda, Ottilie and Tilda.

    Milly: Emilia, Milana and Millicent.

    Minnie: Minerva, Adamina, Araminta, Cosmina, Dominica, Jasmina, Jasmine, Jessamina, Jessamine, Wilhelmina and Willamina.
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