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Thread: Luca vs Dexter

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    Ooh this is hard...I really like them both. I agree that the possibility of using Dex as a nn is nice. If you have Italian heritage, my vote is definitely for Luca. If I had to pick one for my own child, though, I'd probably choose Dexter.
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    Dexter is a dog

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    We are not Italian. Do you think it would be weird to give a baby the name Luca?

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    I prefer Dexter. Dex is such a cute nickname. Luca is nice too though, just on the softer side. But no, I do not think it matters that you are not Italian.
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    I really like Luca.

    I agree with whirligig -- Dexter sounds like a dog's name. In fact, my brother's dog is Dexter/Dex (after the tv show). Can't think of it seriously on a human.
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