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    I agree with previous posters - Jessica isn't really a dated name here (at least I don't think so) and I know lots of little ones as well.

    @whirligig - That's so true, nicknames for Jessica don't tend to vary much, although I do remember I met a little Icie once who was full-named Jessica - how sweet is that!

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    My full name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jess. I've never met a young Jessica but know quite a few older ones.

    It is quite dated but I like it a lot.

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    I don't get it either, honestly. I used to massively dislike it, but I sort of see the appeal now. I think a similar trend will follow with Olivia, Amelia, Charlotte. They'll be around in the UK far after the US has got bored with them.

    I know Jessicas in there 20s, but also at least 3 under 5. It's used across classes as well - but a lot I know are the 'chavy-type'.
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    Well, I'm a Jessica and I was born in 1993. It appears it shot up at some point in the late 1980's/early 1990's and I think it was number 3/4 when I was born. In my year at school there were at least 6 Jessica's (four of which -myself included - in the same class). I think it was number one on a couple of occasions. I know nameberry describes it as the successor to Jennifer in terms of popularity.

    Despite the popularity, I like my name and I think it'll age with me quite well.

    Do their parents call them by their full name?
    I personally prefer to be called Jessica rather than Jess or Jessie (urgh, loathe that nn), honestly I don't tend to respond straight away to Jess.

    What are their siblings' names?
    I have one brother, who is 8 years older than me and he's called Daniel.

    Hope this answers some of your queries
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    I know a seven year old Jessica, a twelve year old Jessica and at least 10 nineties Jessica's. I also know a just Jessie. I see it very nineties and dated. But its still in the top 30 in Australia. Two of the Jessica's I know have sisters named Sarah the seven year old Jessica's sister is Emily. The Jessie has a brother Seth and a sister Shannon. Hope that helps
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