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    Jessica in the UK

    I have a question for the UK Berries on this forum. Why do you guys think Jessica is so popular in the UK? I just found out it's number three!!
    How long has it been popular for? Does this name feel dated to you, or it that only a US thing (although I'm in Belgium, and the few Jessica's I know are all at least 20).
    Do you know a lot of little Jessica's? Do their parents call them by their full name? What are their siblings' names?

    I am just completely fascinated by Jessica's current popularity in England... Especially because the top 100 overall feels a lot 'fresher' to me than the US top 100 (Amelia, Isla, Ruby, Poppy, Freya, Scarlett, Daisy, Lola, Maisie, Alice, Matilda, Eliza, Eleanor, Harriet, Zara, Ivy,... to name but a few names popular on Nameberry, and perhaps on the rise in the States, but not quite popular yet)

    So, enlighten me, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by annabelle View Post
    (although I'm in Belgium, and the few Jessica's I know are all at least 20).
    Yep, the one Jessica I know is twenty six. I too am surprised at it's continuing popularity. It's been used for too long to be dated to one time period though. I'd consider it a classic here.

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    Jessica's a Shakespeare name, so it's more of a classic than a "dated" name here. I've been surprised at how high it's ranked before as well because I never meet any. The youngest Jessica I know of is 15 I think, she's the daughter of a friend of my husband's. There's a Jessica in my goddaughter's class, she's five. But it's not one of the names I hear a lot.
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    Jessica is a funny one and I think we've revelled at it's popularity before at some point because no one knows any little Jessicas!

    I think it really got popular in the late 80s- I don't think I've met anyone older than about 25 with the name. And it was at #3 by the year I was born. My cousin, best friend and 3 other girls in my year had the same name and I knew of many others too. As for siblings, I don't know enough to see a trend, but I do see Jessicas mixed in with classics quite often. A couple have a brother called Aaron and there's also Holly, James, Charlotte, Rachel, Joshua, Anthony, Thomas. I've seen them with other trendy siblings though: Megan, Callum, Sean, Ryan...

    But, personally, I don't feel it's as dated as Megan, Chloe, Lauren etc (I'm really surprised Chloe is still so high). I think it's something to do with the vintageness/pleasing sound/strength/tomboyishness of the nicknames Jess/Jessie. Also, I reckon Olympian Jess Ennis may have had something to do with it. She's kind of a national treasure now and keeps the name fresh and in the public eye (or ear, rather). It's a nice name. I like it
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    My guess is that the popularity has to do with Olympian Jessica Ennis (as charlieandperry1 states above). It's a pretty Shakespearean name but to me it's "dated" like Melissa, Jennifer, Lisa, Heather and Michelle. It's overuse in North America (starting in the 1970's to the 1990's until it began to slip in the 2000's) gives it an "past expiry date" for me. It just doesn't sound "fresh" anymore.
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