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    Cool Honest opinions on my favorite baby names please! 💛💛

    Hey everyone! I am a recently married 23 year old who won't be having any babies anytime soon, but I am a planner! These are my favorite names so far...honest opinions please! I am so indecisive! I love names that are not so common yet not strange... Last name is Schultz if that helps 😄

    -Declan- Love this name but I am worried about it being pronounced as De-CLAN?
    -Henry- might be too formal with a middle name like Charles...

    **His middle name would be Charles after his dad and grandfather

    -Adeline (or Adeleine) I love this name! My great great great grandmother's name was Mary Adeline. However, I am worried that it would be pronounced Adalynn...
    -Madeline (or Madeleine)
    -Ruby- It is my great grandmothers name however my parents hate it!
    -Harper- might be too common

    **Optional middle names for her would be either May (with a Y after my maiden name) or Claire/Clairene (my great grandmother is named Clairene).

    Thanks everyone! 💛💛

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    My favorites from your list:

    Declan Charles Schultz - I don't think you need to worry about the pronunciation. Most people know it.
    Elliott Charles Schultz - Handsome, and has a really great flow, probably my number one favorite for you.
    Finn Charles Schultz - I like this, and I also like Finnian or Phineas, with the nickname Finn.
    Henry Charles Schultz - You can always go with a nickname like Hal or Hank if it feels too proper.

    Adeline May Schultz - So pretty! Once someone hears the correct pronunciation, they'll get it.
    Ruby Claire Schultz - I really like Ruby, it's definitely coming back into fashion.

    The others, I'm not a fan of for various reasons. Porter reminds me of "portly." Harper is becoming fairly common, but if you're worried about popularity, you DEFINITELY don't want to use Ellie or Madeline. I can't even tell you how many little Ellies and Maddies I hear on the playground when I take my kids.

    Edited to add some other names you might like:

    Duncan Charles
    Rowan Charles

    Gemma Claire
    Summer Claire - I think Summer is a pretty R-ending alternative to Harper and Piper, and it's less used than either of those.
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    I LOVE Finn despite its popularity. I would use a longer form though, Finley, Finnian, Phineas, Finnegan...

    Finnian Charles Shultz sounds great!

    I also like...
    Elliott Charles
    Henry Charles

    What about...
    Callum Charles
    Deacon Charles
    Frederick Charles
    Jasper Charles
    Oscar Charles
    Theodore Charles

    For the girls I LOVE...
    Adeline May

    What about...
    Adelaide Claire
    Imogen Claire
    Elodie May
    Rosalie May
    Matilda Clairene

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    Of your boys names I think Elliott is by far the best. I really like that name, as too me it is at once cheeky, sophisticated, masculine and sensitive. Really attractive. Second choices are Henry and Finn, which I like both. I am not at all a fan of surname or occupational names, so Porter, Sawyer, Tanner, Everett and Barrett score very low for me. Sorry.

    Of your girls names I like Madeleine the most. I also really like Ellie, but as a nickname for:

    Of your middle names for girls, I think Claire's the winner.

    My overall favourites are:

    Elliott Charles and Eleanor Claire "Ellie"

    But maybe not both as they are too similar.
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    I like -

    -Declan (if someone does not know how to pronounce this name it is their issue, I do not believe there would be any issue)
    -Elliott (I prefer the Elliot spelling)

    -Madeline (or Madeleine) (I prefer Madeleine)
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    Alice Madeleine Waverly

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