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    You've been given nine daughters. Name them accordingly.

    Daughter 1: Your favorite name: Adelaide

    Daughter 2: Name honoring a loved one who has passed away: Lenora

    Daughter 3: One of these names: Delilah Rose, Matisse Marie, Blair Alexandria, or Graceanne Isabelle: Graceanne Isabelle

    Daughter 4: Your guilty pleasure name: Rhiannon

    Daughter 5: The name of your favorite famous woman: Melody

    Daughter 6: The name of your favorite fictional woman: Isabeau

    Daughter 7: Honor your mother with this name: Undine

    Daughter 8: Honor a childhood pet with this name: Saffron

    Daughter 9: Your second favorite name: Evangeline
    I'm not pregnant, just happy to be here. I love to play with names
    Owen Jacob - Liam Jude - Jasper Micah
    Ava Rhiannon - Mazzy Esme - Saffron Rowan
    Zephyr Mazarine - Autumn Isabeau - Starling Adelaide
    Jane Myles - Grace Faye - Skye Carys

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    Anne - Chemistry student and lover of names

    Boy: Alexis, Jasper, Manuel, Odin, Robin, Rocco, Vaughn
    Girl: Caterina, Everly, Indigo, Rocio, Salome, Viviana

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    Daughter 1: Vesper Opal

    Daughter 2: Flora Yuki

    Daughter 3: Matisse Marie 'Mattie'

    Daughter 4: Goldberry Santa

    Daughter 5: Teresa Earhart

    Daughter 6: Dagny Petra

    Daughter 7: Nanetta Anouk

    Daughter 8: Dossie Celia

    Daughter 9: Bunny Maude

    Vesper, Flora, Mattie, Goldberry, Teresa, Dagny, Nanetta, Dossie and Bunny.
    Girls:Vesper Novella Pearl-Elke Esmeralda Snow-Nanetta Yuki Florence-Rowena Fern-Artemis Opal Owl-Cappi Theodora Sun-Dagny Petra-Oona Owl-Mary Max-Frances Henriette-Edwige Garnet-Alberta Benilde, Lolly Agnes-Bunny Maude-Lumi Faye-Dossie Moe-Capella Happy- Agnessa?-Birdie?-Zelda?-Flora?-Ginger?-Prudence?-Thalassa?.

    Boys:Roland Basil-Magnus Owl-Linus Robert-Frodi Lou-Obi Prosper-Enzo Noble-Cello Floyd-Dougal Morris-Horatio Albert-Grover ?-Hubert Walter-Rufus Rex-John ?-Joe Lazarus-Ernest Bede.

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    1. Mara Louise Alexandra Campanini
    2. Jenniveve Laurel Daniele Campanini "Jenn"
    3. Blair Isabella Marie Campanini
    4. Juno Eden Mackenzie Campanini
    5. Eloise Taylor Michaela Campanini "Ellie"
    6. Hazel Zoe Mackenzie Campanini
    7. Cynthia Kay Denise Campanini "Cindy"
    8. Harriet Fawn Georgina Campanini "Harry"
    9. Mia Soleil Paisley Campanini

    Mara, Jenn, Blair, Juno, Ellie, Hazel, Cindy, Harry, Mia

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    Daughter 1: Lavinia Opal - Opal
    Daughter 2: Emma Rose Audrey - Emma Rose
    Daughter 3: Delilah Rose - Lilah
    Daughter 4: Tekoa Beth - Tibi
    Daughter 5: Jane Austen - Jane
    Daughter 6: Jane Eyre - Eyre
    Daughter 7: Kimberlin Tarrant - Linnie
    Daughter 8: Sally Hildegarde - Hilde
    Daughter 9: Priscilla Imogen Pearl - Pippa

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