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    Sounds fun

    Emma Thompson - Like everyone else, I think she's brilliant. A marvellous actress with a lovely voice.

    Julie Walters - Her Mrs Weasley is the best. Love her.

    Vanessa Redgrave, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton, Helen Mirren, Brenda Blethyn - I've got a thing for older ladies. They're something about serious, strong, funny, old women which I like; much more than some of the ditzy, flash-in-the-pan bimbo actresses you get. So, yes I like Calendar Girls. No, I'm not 60! And these ladies have had some fantastic roles between them.

    Rosamund Pike - She's soooo pretty and I love her name and she's a wonderful Jane Bennet! (P&P 2005 = one of my all-time favourite films. Her & Bingley are my OTP.)

    Bill Nighy - I love him in everything. There's something in his manner that's just really cool. And hilarious!

    Ewan McGregor - Fit. And he has amazing hair (sometimes). The only reason I re-watch Nanny McPhee 2 is for his 5 minute cameo at the end. Ewan? In WWII uniform?! AHHHH! But then he snogs Maggie Gyllenhaal. Sad face.

    Ciaran Hinds - I don't really know why I like him. I just do. He is pretty fab.

    Tom Hanks - Every. Single. Film. Ugh. He's brilliant.

    Kenneth Branagh - He's funny. And he does Shakespeare. What a fantastic combination.

    Ahhh I thought I was going to find this hard. Turns out I like a lot! Honourable mention to Ralph Fiennes, Emma Watson, John Cleese, Colin Firth and Kate Winslet. But I can't say any of them have really made me like their names more apart from Rosamund
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    Too Little Time

    to name them all, but I concur with so many listed already.

    I'm trying to do Christmas cards, so here is an unannotated list of my divines:

    My 7 Dazzlers:

    *Katharine Hepburn
    *Barbara Stanwyck
    *Grace Kelly
    *Bette Davis
    *Ingrid Bergman
    *Carole Lombard
    *Loretta Young

    My Also Loves:

    *Audrey Hepburn
    *Jean Simmons
    *Teresa Wright
    *Constance Bennett (sp?)
    *Lillian Gish
    *Donna Reed in "Life"
    *OH OH OH! I forgot Jean Arthur!
    *And Myrna Loy

    My men are basic: Cary, Cary, Cary, Larry, Larry, Larry (and not the Cable Guy!). William Powell for zest.

    On a more modern note, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, Emma Thomas (the golden trio) and Kristin Scott Thomas, Nancy Addison Altman, Angelika Huston, and Glenda Jackson.

    Rod Taylor who mesmerizes me, Rock Hudson (my childhood crush), and Jude Law, who I find pretty.

    Great post, would love to list character actors, many of whose names I love (Thelma Ritter, anyone?)

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    Favourite Actors:

    Hugh Jackman - cannot go past this Aussie hunk who plays Wolverine in X-Men. It's not just that he plays such a great character in X-Men, he is an all round genuine, down to earth bloke. And many of his movies I have enjoyed. No I have not seen Australia, I was told it was a flop anyway.

    Alan Rickman - He was crossed between the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood; the Prince of Thieves and Dr Lazarus in Galaxy Quest before he was Severus Snape in Harry Potter for me. I love his acting and love seeing his versatility. And of course, cannot go past Die Hard! "Nice Suit, I'd hate to see it ruined." "I'll cut your heart out with a spoon". "You broke the Bloody Ship!" and "Expelliarmus!"

    Johnny Depp - The man of many faces. He's Edward Scissorhands, he is Captain Jack Sparrow, he is Sweeney Todd, he is the Mad Hatter, need I to continue?

    Heath Ledger - May he rest in piece. Aussie actor gone too soon.

    Favourite Actresses:

    Jennifer Lawrence - Hunger Games bought her into my sights, now trying to see some of her other works.

    Jamie Lee Curtis - she still rocks even in her 50s! or is she in her 60s? I forget

    Emma Thompson

    Maggie Smith

    Bette Middler - I still cry at Beaches!

    Helena Bonham Carter

    Let's face it, I can go on and on, I like many actors and actresses for various reasons.
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    Oh My favourite topic in the world to talk about! Ok here goes...and this might be a big list:

    Dame Maggie Smith- Oh I how I love her! I fell in love with her (her acting) when I watched the Scret Garden as a child and since then it has become my favourite movie (well one of anyway!). Talented isnt a good enough word to describe her! And her Dowadger Countess is beyond words!

    Alan Rickman- There are literally no words to describe him!

    Emma Thompson- Oh she is incredeble! she and Alan Rickman married in Love Actually is one of the best on-screen things ever!

    Julie Andrews- Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and even to this day she never ceases to amaze us

    Penelope Wilton- Harriet Jones!

    David Tennant- I am so in love with him its unreal!

    Michelle Dockery- I have ODD (obsessive Downton Disorder) which is probably why I Love her!

    Allan Leech- OMG that accent and face! (Im a sucker for anyone Irish)

    Christian Bale- Oh I love him in Little Women (another of my favourites)

    Jennifer Aniston- Friends and Just Go with it

    Holly Marie Combs- one of her Charmed moments for me is when she blows up the watermelon. Oh the way she says it is perfect!

    Helena Bonham Carter- She is absolutly barking me! and she has a daughter called Nell....not like me but day!

    Colm Wilkinson- Ok so now Im entering the relms of Musical Theatre (can I say that?) anyway....He is the one and only Jean Valjean....and he was in Tom Hoopers Les Mis movie so he still counts as a star of the screen.

    Samantha Barks- LOVE HER! In the Les Mis movie every single time she is capable of reducing me to tears.....sometimes because of how incredeble her rendition of On My Own in.....and other times because I want and need to play the role of Eponine so badly and my emotions get the better of me hehe!

    Warwick Davis- Professor Flitwick! and the fact that Willow was my childhood movie and my mum surprised me one christmas with the DVD and I just love him. He gives little people hope that you can do whatever you want (Im just under 5ft 1 so i can say that we are small but mighty.....just like Warwick Davis is!)

    there are more!

    thank you for this amazing topic!
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    Oh, I'm loving reading about Berry faves! I knew I would forget some great ones (I left out the more contemporary screen stars). I do love Colin Firth (Mr Darcy), Daniel Day-Lewis (I remember going to see him in "My Beautiful Laundrette" ages ago and turning to my friend and whispering: That guy is going to be a STAR!). Meryl Streep really is the "BEST" actress still around today. I've always admired how she can totally immerse herself in her roles. She's spooky! I loved the cool blond beauty of Grace Kelly and she played her real-life role of Her Serence Highness, Princess of Monaco to perfection until her untimely death.
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