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    What do you think of Jensen?

    We're trying to find a boy name to be our #2 boy name. I really want Silas or Soren but now FI says no to those. He always breaks my name loving heart. We were looking at names last night and now we're kind of tossing around Jensen. I like it but I'm having trouble trying to decide if I love it enough to really use it. Possible future siblings could be Foster, Noelle, and Willow.

    What do you think of Jensen? Does it fit with our other choices? Just looking for some honest input
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    I like it. It's a nice alternative to Jackson. I imagine Jensen as handsome, laid back, very friendly, and maybe a little nerdy (in a good way!). I could easily see Jensen with Foster, Noelle, and/or Willow.

    Of course, I'm also biased because I spend a lot of time drooling over Jensen Ackles.

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    I think of Supernatural. It's a nice name, but it's also a very strong association (though it's a good one).

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    Foster and Jensen would make wonderful names for brothers. Foster, Jensen, Noelle, and Willow are great together. I really like Jensen. I actually have it on my long list. I have too many loves on my short list to bring it up on that list though.
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    I like Jensen - it seems classic, yet slightly scandinavian. It's very chic - I say go for it!
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