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    Xander. It's a shortened form of Alexander, so I like the "X." I have an irrational hatred for phonetic spellings, so Zander makes me cringe. Xander is far more substantial than Ryder.
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    Zander looks like a made up, like people weren't sure how to spell it so they just spelled it phonetically.

    People can always find ways to mispronounce names, I don't think that's a good reason to not spell it in the most correct way. But then the idea of pronouncing Xavier as ek-savier like in Xmen is silly to me as well, it's zay-vee-uhr

    I do like that you can get Zane out of Zander more easily though.
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    I prefer Xander but this could be because my son has a friend named Xander. I really like the name Xander. Strong, spunky, and handsome.
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    Hmm... personally I think that the Zander spelling would case less hassle. Like you said, it would avoid the corrections or misspellings. So, if you're just going for Z/Xander, I would say Z. However, if you're planning to use the long name Alexander, it would make more sense to use Xander. Lovely name by the way
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    So growing up I didn't know anyone with a name that started with an x so I think I was about 15 before I realized that it wasn't pronounced the same as the letter x. I 100% would go with Zander. It is so much easier to pronounce and doesn't look so harsh.

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