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    Jun 2013
    I'm expecting twin boys in the new year, and their names are going to be Arthur Florian Edward and Frederick Robin Jude
    Mummy to two little princes born 16/1/14
    A: Arthur Florian Edward Wright
    B: Frederick "Freddie" Robin Jude Wright

    Tobias † Henry † Leo † Sebastian † Emmet † Jasper † Harry † Hugh † Theo † Jay*
    Lyra ‡ Florence ‡ Hermione ‡ Eleanor ‡ Isla ‡ Martha ‡ Emelia ‡ Julia ‡ Eliza ‡ Iris*

    *See my whole lists here: Boys, Girls

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    Nov 2013
    Finnick "Finn" Peter William

    And then one of these two because I love them both but I don't want to have twins that both have the same name ending because two 'son' endings might be a bit much:
    Jackson "Jack" Marcus Oliver
    Mason Oliver James
    Alice Annabelle Arianwen Belle Celia Cora Elsa Evanna Felicity Hermione Imogen Juliette Lucy Lyra Marzia Ophelia Ravenna Rosalie Severine Thalia Verity Violet
    Benedict Caleb Castiel Christian Dean Dimitri Emmett Evander Fabian Felix Henry Isaac James Jasper Lucas Mason Peter Remus Sirius Theodore
    Juliette Ophelia Verity - Dean Theodore Peter
    Rosalie Isabella Hermione - Lucas Fabian Dimitri
    Arianwen Ravenna Marzia - Christian Evander Mason
    Evanna Felicity Violet - Jasper Benedict Caleb

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    New Hampshire
    I wouldn't name two sons who happened to be twins any differently than two sons born years apart. My top two boys names are:

    Theodore David Henry "Teddy"
    Elijah Laurence Rhys "Eli"
    Avery Catherine Lucille ~ Caroline Ruby Elizabeth ~ Clarity Jessamine Leigh ~ Josephine Louisa Danielle ~ Rosemary Margaret Luna ~ Tessa Hermione Jayne

    Desmond William Beau ~ Elijah Laurence Rhys ~ Harrison Joseph Rene ~ Logan Christopher Knightley ~ Theodore David Henry ~ Whitney Benjamin John

    Wishing to be pregnant... but having to be responsible and wait for now :P

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    I agree, I wouldn't name them any differently than two singletons.

    ♂ - Malcolm Hugh
    ♂ - Reuben Timothy

    And I love your choices!

    Louie Matthias
    Clement Wright
    Malcolm Hugh
    Sylvie Beatrice
    Florence Effie
    Hermione Ruth

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    Finnick Matthew Alexander
    Liam Truesberry Donovan.

    All middle names are in honour of very important people to us....
    (Matthew may be Mathias or Mateusz)
    We wouldn't name twins any different than singles...

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