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    I think it would look/ sound great with a feminine middle name or first name i.e:

    Lux Ruby
    Ruby Lux
    Charlotte Lux
    Amber Lux
    Lauren Lux
    Amethyst Lux
    Lux Rose
    Chloe Lux
    Zara Lux
    Aurora Lux
    Arabella Lux
    Isadora Lux
    Ysabeau Lux
    Elizabeth Lux
    Earendil Lux
    Evenstar Lux
    Violetta Lux
    Louisa Lux
    Lulu Lux
    Kitty Lux

    Or you could try using it as a nickname as suggested by others i.e. :

    Ulysses - Seabrook - Christian / Godiva - India - Alaska - Violet

    Bardyllis | Chivalry | Varro | Auberon | Sovereign

    Winter Rose | Emerald | Autumn Grace | Hazel | Maebry | Ulyssia | Pandora Rose | Alaska | Summer Eve | Charlett | Ivy | Kara | Marquesa | Titania | India Ruby | Ulissa | Isabeau | Liberty | Vivaldi | Ferelith | Juniper | Violet | Odette Leda Snow | Utopia | Hero | Sage | Hermione | Magnolia

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    I like Lux, but I would not use it with a surname that is only three letters. Don't like Luxea, sorry. But I agree with the others, there are a number of names that could get you to the nickname Lux, my favorites of which are Lucy and Louisa

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    I don't like Lux at all for a first name, but I don't mind it as a nickname or middle name. Luxea looks and sounds totally made up. It's not great. Would Alexia work?

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    I truly love Lux in principal but I don't know if I'd ever use it. Just the fact it's so obscure and 'unnamely', plus the brand connection and the 'luxury' imagery.

    The Virgin Suicides is literally the most beautifully perfect film and book ever which made me fall in love with it (especially because Lux is played by Kirsten Dunst... she gets called Luxie by her parents aww), and I've seen pictures floating round tumblr of One Direction's stylist's baby girl who's name is Lux, and she really is adorable. It's meaning is so lovely.

    Luxea is hideous, I have to say. I've heard a couple of people on Nameberry talking about it as a nn for Lucy/Lucia and family, but I don't know how I feel about that. Alexandra/Alexandria could work?

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    Lux is gorgeous. Luxea is nice. But you need longer name with three letters last name. Maybe something 4-syllables with Lux as middle

    Victoria Lux Nor
    Arcadia Lux Nor
    Seraphina Lux Nor
    Mariella Lux Nor
    Brunhilde Lux Nor
    Camellia Lux Nor

    Nor - invented surname.

    Annabella Lux Nor
    Elizabeth Lux Nor
    Elizabelle Lux Nor
    Isabella Lux Nor
    Adrianna Lux Nor

    Amelia Lux Nor
    Emilia Lux nor
    Alexandra Lux Nor
    Acacia Lux Nor

    Aphrodite Lux Nor
    Rosalinda Lux Nor
    Amaryllis Lux Nor
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