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    Nov 2013
    As individual names, the only one I don't care for is Wren, it's too modern for my taste and just doesn't strike me as pretty. The rest are lovely and classic. With Elizabeth, I definitely vote for Lucy. I'm really picky about "flow" in names, and to me Emma Elizabeth kind of runs together (Emmalizabeth) and Oliv + Eliz seems repetitive. Lucy is pretty, spunky, classy, and goes perfectly with Elizabeth both style and flow-wise!

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    My pick would be Wren. A modern, spunky pick paired with the strong classic.

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    My favorite is definately Lucy. Lovable, fun, spunky and so cute! I love it!

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    Olive Elizabeth, I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Happily married and have just found out we are expecting our first bundle of joy October 2014!!!

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    Lucy Elizabeth is my favorite! Love Lucy.
    Like Olive too, but agree with previous poster that Olive Elizabeth doesn't flow that well.

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