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    Quote Originally Posted by habert View Post
    Dan is a biblical name. Although Dan and Daniel are related in Hebrew, it's inconsequential that Daniel is often shortened to "Dan" and Dan actually being a biblical name. Being a son of Jacob, he forms one of the twelve tribes of Israel. It has solid footing as a name around the world.
    Fair enough. Thank you for the information. (I still dislike it. Outside of Israel, it is rarely used as a full first name. Chances are, if you run into a "Dan" here in was not a consciously religious choice but instead someone who liked Dan, but disliked Daniel).

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    1. Renesmee - Honestly to my ears this is the most disgusting combo I've seen to date
    2. Jayden and all its varients
    3. Penelope - I just can't stand the sound of it, even though I tried my hardest not to dislike it.
    4. all the Mad- names ... Madeline, Maddison e.t.c. So sick of seeing every second child named 'Maddy'
    5. Tish - Something about it rubs me the wrong way.
    6. Princess - Seriously? That's a pets name.
    7.Makayla, Makenna, Mackenzie - Can't stand the Mac trend...especially Makayla...why butcher Michaela like that?
    8. Diesel - I've seen this on kids, It's so unfortunate. Also more a dog name than human name.
    9. Bella - If every second kid isn't called Maddy, it's Bella. Just so over it, driving me nuts.
    10.Knox - Not a fan of all the ending with x name trend, just reminds me of Angelina's kids.

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    I truly do not mean to offend anyone here - this is my list (in no particular order - I numbered them so I could keep track!):
    1. Addison (it's a disease, not a name. And even if it were a name, it should be a boy's name).
    2. Jayden/Hayden/Aiden etc.
    3. Nevaeh
    4. Mackenna/Mackenzie/Mykynna/Mikayla etc.
    5. Madison
    6. Destiny (& other stripper names)
    7. Mercedes
    8. Nicole
    9. Jaxon
    10. Cassidy (I feel like this has ruined the regal Cassandra)

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    1. Katherine/Kathleen/Katalina... anything that starts with Kat.
    2. Skylynn
    3. Oliver
    4. Boys names that end in -son or -ton. Kingston, Jackson, Remington, etc.
    5. George, John, Jacob, Daniel, etc. All seem really boring to me.
    6. Flower names for girls. Lily, Violet, Rose, etc.
    7. Scarlett.
    8. Lola.
    9. Elixyvette. I like Elixxa, I like Yvette. However, I don't like them together.
    10. Beau.
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