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    Middle name for Will

    We are expecting our first due in July and have decided on the name William (will go by Will). Which of these names do you like the best for a middle? Please leave a suggestion if you have something better! Last name begins with a P, is longish (11 letters), and is Irish derived.

    My maiden name

    So far that's what we have it narrowed down to!

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    I like William Declan out of your three! I would like to ask, though: what is your naming style? That would make it a lot easier for people to suggest other options!
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    I would use your maiden name. William Henry would be my second choice.

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    I enjoy both William Henry and William Charles, they are strong handsome names; however, I would choose William Declan. I aprreciate honour names and since it includes your maiden name it is the winner for me.

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    I think Declan and Henry are both great options. William Declan is unexpected and intriguing while William Henry is classic and handsome.
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