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    Looking for direction for our #4 surprise

    We're expecting our fourth (and most likely last) little one and for the first time in my life I don't have any "for sure" names on deck. We have names we like, but not many that truly excite us. We won't find out the gender for a while but I'd love some suggestions to mull over in the meantime. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

    Our kiddos are: Aurora "Rory" Whitney, Sebastian "Bash/y" Richard, and Conrad "Rad" Victor. Our last name sounds like BOW-an.

    We tend to like formal, slightly unexpected (at least in our circles) names with nicknames that offer a different feel. Middle names are always family names. Being as this is the fourth, we may be up for something adventuresome with this one, a bit more open to throwing caution to the wind

    Here are our lists so far. Please feel free to comment and make additional suggestions.

    -Jospehine- nn Josie, Jo, Posy, etc- a longtime love, love the nickname options, love the literary element, but I feel it may have lost some luster after being in consideration for so long.
    - Juliette- nn Jet?- a recent addition after we both mentioned liking it. Don't care for "Jules" or anything along those lines though.
    - Dahlia- nn Dolly or Lia- one of our favorites- I love flower names, and since Aurora is kind of a nature name, I like the idea of another daughter having nature ties to her name too.
    - Azalea- nn Zaley?- I'm really loving this one lately. Similar reasons to Dahlia. I don't mind the two girls sharing a first initial.
    - Verity- nn Veri- Loved this from the second I heard it. Concerned that I and she will ceaselessly be asked to repeat it since it's pretty uncommon.
    -nn Jovie. I love, love, love this nickname but am unsure about any ways to reach it.

    - Winston nn Win- I guess it's our front runner. I like it with the sibset. I like the history. It's even a subtle nod to my Grammie whom we've always joked resembles Winston Churchill (she doesn't know this though so it would be a secret honor thing!). But it doesn't really excite me. Yet, anyway
    - Quade. Saw this name the other day and fell for it hard. It doesn't really match our naming style. There isn't even a nickname. But I love it, and love the way it sounds with our last name. And it even means "fourth born." It sounds like a sophisticated, interesting cowboy to me. And we have a weakness for cowboy names. Are we crazy for considering it?
    - Ebenezer nn Zeb- I know, we're crazy. It's a guilty pleasure name. Our moms would kill us. But we love it. Scrooge was a reformed character, after all. And why should a wonderful name with an amazing meaning and history be doomed to disuse? Dickens wouldn't have wanted that
    - Augustine nn Gus- I like this. I like the history. But I'm seeing Gus everywhere lately. And I don't like that the pronunciation is so open. It fits well with our kids, though.
    Names I like but my husband doesn't: Eugene (no nice nickname), Cyrus, Tobias and Gerard (no nice nickname). Names we like but don't love: Hugo, Balthazar, Dexter, and Fergus.

    Oh, and ideally the name will work in Spanish. It doesn't have to translate directly, but it should be pronounceable.

    Thanks so much!

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    I really hope to have a big family someday and I just want to say I really like Sebastian and Aurora.

    Anyways, back on topic, Josephine is timeless and has a lot of potential. Out of your list it is probably my top choice. I knew a pair of twins and I believe that was one of their names, the other was called DeeDee.

    Jovie can be used as a name all by itself so if you want to use it there's no need to look further . My 11th grade teacher from two years ago actually has a young daughter whom she named Jovie. I think it's very modern sounding.

    For the boys Balthazar is actually one that was on my personal list. I've fallen out of love with it, however. Eugene is nice although not a personal preference. It's unfortunate your husband doesn't like it.

    Since you really seem to like Winston I would go with that one if nothing else comes along that you like better. It's not my personal cup of tea but it sounds to me like you have personal meaning behind it and if you and your husband love it that's what matters. It's a good, strong name.

    I actually think Josephine and Winston sound really nice together, haha, so if it's twins...
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    I love your kids names! I've always loved Bash as a nickname for Sebastian! Happy to see it being used.

    Josephine is my favorite with your kids names. With the nn Posy she would fit the nature theme with Aurora.

    Dahlia is my second choice. Love the nn Dolly! Fits right in.

    Juliette- I love this name, and I think because your kids have "off the beaten path" nicknames you'd have no issues with her being called Jett not Jules/Julie.

    Azalea is beautiful! Love Zaley! So is Verity. I think most will know what you're saying and how to spell it.

    Jovie... Hmm. How about Jovana/Jovanna? A new spin on Josephine, closer in sound to Johanna but it gives you the nn you love. There's also Jovienne. Or any Jo names could work. Ex: Jolene nn Jovie.

    From the girl names you've listed I truly think you have a winner between Josephine and Dahlia. Really any of them would be lovely with your other kids names. So I have no more suggestions for you!

    I'll be back in a bit to add on my thoughts and suggestions for the boys names. It's bedtime here for my Littles! :-D
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    Favorite girl name: Juliette nn Jet. It fits the best into the sibset. Both Aurora & Juliette have a princess-y feel. Tied for second place: Dahlia, Josephine. Either would fit fine for sure and they are both lovely names. Azalea is pretty wild for this sibset. I like Verity a lot but the faster I said Verity the more it sounded like verde - as in chile verde.

    Favorite boy name: Winston.
    Quade - Sorry but it's like quid, quack, quake. It doesn't sound like anything good.
    Ebenezer - Seriously: go to Starbucks & order a latte. Tell them your name is Ebenezer. See how it feels to be you when the barista calls "Latte for Ebenezer!" in a crowded Starbucks. Watch people look at you. Do that every day for a month - coffee, pizza, pick-up, take-out - under the name Ebenezer. If you can imagine your son's life every day, and be fine with it, then name him Ebenezer.

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    I also like Quinten for a boy! good luck

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