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Thread: Ivy or Eliza

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    Ivy or Eliza

    I really love the name Ivy and the hubs likes it pretty well too. However our last name is similar to Hill in that it is a one syllable topographic/geographic name that starts with H. I'm concerned that the name would sound too much like a place name. Ivy Hill?

    I also like Eliza, but it's a distant second.

    What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions for names similar to Ivy/Eliza? Middle name suggestions?

    My other favorites that the husband has said no to: Phoebe, Amelia, Claire, and Quinn.

    The hubs likes the classics: Elizabeth, Margaret, etc. They're lovely but not exactly my style.

    What we seem to agree on are traditional names that are a little more "spunky." Can you help us?

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    Top choices:
    Winifred Hazel and Casper Linus

    Daisy Ruby Violet Hazel June Louise Frances Clementine
    Winifred Josephine Beatrice Marion Cordelia Eleanor

    Casper Theodore Oscar Oliver Henry Harry Archie Arthur
    August Jude Harvey Reuben Leo Leopold Linus Otto

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    I prefer Eliza by a long shot! Ivy feels quite trendy to me and it's one of my least favorite nature names. I think that since your husband prefers the classic and you prefer the more quirky names it's the perfect compromise and feels a lot more fresh and lovely than the traditional Elizabeth without feeling trendy.
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    I'm digging Ivy Annabelle. Thanks

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    How about Zoe?

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