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  • Coulter Kemp

    5 6.25%
  • Elliot James

    58 72.50%
  • Emmett Coulter

    17 21.25%
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    Due Tomorrow and No Name!

    We can't seem to come up with/agree on a name. We have had some combination that we have liked. Our last name begins with Con. Some options have been...
    Coulter, Elliot, Emmett, Kip, Milo, Kace. Any help would be appreciated.

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    My favorite combo is Emmett Coulter but my favorite name on your list is Coulter. I just don't like the way it goes with Kemp. What about Coulter Elliot or Coulter Milo?

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    I picked Elliot James, but my favourite would be Milo Elliot.

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    If you are in the US I think a lot of people will associate Coulter with Ann Coulter, the conservative journalist. I would want to steer away from a political name.

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    Coulter Kemp Con- is harsh, abrupt, and jerky. Elliot James Con- flows well, but James seems like a filler middle in this combo (unless, of course, it isn't). Emmett Coulter is both distinctive and flows nicely. It's my favorite by far!
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