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    Anyone bored with the vintage name trend

    I am starting to hear vintage names all over the place. I have recently spoted a little Georgina, Stella, Iris, Rose and Winnie. I spotted these all in the same week between pediatricians office and children's museum. Is it just me or does it seem the use of these vintage names are exploding. They are adorable but how long do you think it will take before you're bored with it because they're everywhere?

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    I personally quite like vintage names but would be interested in what other name trend would be a less boring alternative for you?
    I think the wonderful thing about vintage names is that most of them are timeless; a lot of them are never seen as dated as either they have been steadily used throughout the decades, have never been very popular or they have never had a sudden rise and then a few years later a significant drop in popularity, making them feel dated to a certain decade.
    There are exceptions, though many of them are very much dependent on who you know rather than general numbers; if you know 5 Edwards that are 60-70 years old and none that are younger, Edward will probably be and old man's name to you even though to many other people it is a classic.

    A lot of modern trends will be dated to the 2000s/2010s in 20 years while many of those vintage names will go on standing the test of time.
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    I used to LOVE vintage names back a 3-4 years ago that was all I really had on my list. I felt like vintage names were getting popular a few years ago and thats when the 'vintage popular' names on my got cut and I went searching...
    I completely agree with @opheliaflora most vintage names are seen as timeless. I also think it depends on your personal experience if a name is dated or not. For example I find Mary dated because there were 3 in the nursing home and my grand parents know another 2.

    Right now I have no clue what style of names I like, I am liking mythology and universe/star names. I have re found my love of German and Irish names... I guess I go through phases of liking a specific style/set of names and then I move on and re-do my list but some names of the earlier trends/styles stay and last the time. I also re-did my list so all my combos have at least one honour name or name with personal meaning and attachment.
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    I personally am not annoyed by it, because I find so many vintage names lovely. I know a little Nora and think that is adorable.
    I would also much rather see vintage names trending, than some of the other trends I've seen in the past, including the boy's name ending in N (Jayden, Ayden, Brayden, etc). I have nothing against these names, but they all sort of blend together. Same with Kaylee, Haylee, Raylee etc. There is a lot of variety in vintage names- plus, many of them are considered classic and timeless, and those don't run as high of a risk of sounding dated.

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    I love vintage names and can agree with several points that previous posters have already brought up, namely @pmrie. So many of the names are really great and I'd much rather see them trend, in all their varieties (I mean you can have several repeat names, but it isn't like Zayden, Brayden, etc. where all the names are so stinkin' can see Walter's, Roger's, Mary's, and Hazel's with this trend). I've loved vintage, classic, timeless names for practically my whole life but it doesn't phase me at all to see them becoming more popular. I love it. With how many people there are on this planet, people are bound to share names. It's just really nice to meet such beautifully-named children...I watch kids in our church, and we had a toddler/baby sibset of brothers named Richard and Edward. How cute is that?!

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