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    Do twins names have to match?

    Hey everyone, the other day at work I met twin boys Alejandro and Isaac. Their names threw me off for a second because they didn't sound like twin names. My question for you is do twins have to have "matching" or similar style names?

    Also nothing to do with the top part but I met a little girl name Antoinella and thought it was a beautiful choice.
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    I don't think so. Although as a name nerd, I'd probably wince a bit at drastically different twin names in terms of style, like twin girls called Kendall and Josephine (random example). But to be honest I'd feel the same if they were siblings too. Sometimes it can work really well though, and I love some twinsets that are of a completely different style, but because I like the names, it doesn't bother me. E.g. Phaedra & Nikolai or Tabitha & Elsie.

    Oh, and Antoinella is very pretty, though Antoinette still has my heart .
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    Although I love when twin names match with each other, they don't have to.
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    I don't think so at all - I know quite a few sets of twins with varying names:

    Emma & Calvin
    Lauren & Jacqueline (Jackie)
    Michael & Michaela (no word of a lie, I found two sets like this in my high school yearbook)
    Jessica & Alexandra
    Tiffany & Brandon
    Rebecca (Becky) & Joel
    Jack & McKayla
    Amber & Holly
    Emily & Jake
    Rebecca & Miriam
    Hailey & Summer
    William (Willie) & Rheya

    I feel like quite a few of those sets don't perfectly match up, but they all seem to work for me (other than Michael and Michaela). I think, when you name twins, you should choose two names you completely love, rather than one name you love, and another that matches perfectly.

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    I don't think Alejandro and Isaac don't match.... If you mean match like letter wise, I'd prefer they didn't. It's cute when they're themey in a very non obvious way, like both famous authors or both meaning star or something.

    Twins I know:
    Christine and Elizabeth
    Philip and James
    David and Joseph
    Tyler and Travis
    Leo and Cleo (they were much older and since deceased)
    Elizabeth and Christopher
    Summer and Reed
    Andrea and Lauren
    Nicholas and Matthew
    Nicholas and Dante
    Eric and Robert

    Plus triplets: Samantha, Robert, and Michael

    and quads:
    Kendall, Kayleigh, Maddy (not sure if NN), and Liam
    Daniel, Robert, Erin, and Grace

    Except for the T names and rhyming names, none "match",but I don't think they don't go well
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