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    OK. First off, I hope I don't offend anyone. I'm not even going to mention all the unique spellings and various made-up -lynn/-lins. This is my list of names which other people seem to love and which I just really dislike. That said, a name which you thought hideous can become beautiful on a great person.

    Anyway here it goes:

    1. Ruby - I know many berries love this name but to me it sounds vacuous and strumpetty
    2. Pearl - way too princessy
    3. Caroline - I want to like this name and it should be my style but I know too many awful Carolines
    4. Asher - sounds like an usher to me
    5. Arabella - too close to Disney's Clarabelle Cow
    6. Anastasia - even before 50 shades I disliked this name, it sounds arrogant and prissy too me
    7. Seraphina - way OTT, why not have the sibling called Cherubimma?
    8. Evangeline - see Seraphina
    9. Dashiell - I know many berries really love this name, but too me it's just a pretentious version of Daniel
    10. Scout - I don't like the sound at all.

    I seem to dislike more female than male names, but this is mainly because I dislike pretty much all occupational names for boys (Porter, Taylor, Baker, Driver, Upholsterer....) but didn't list those as I couldn't decide which one.
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    Not sure about the order, but here they are:

    1. Renesmee - I actually think Stephenie Meyer has a great naming taste but this one really disappoint me. (Seriously. Isabella, Alice, Esme, Rosalie, then Renesmee? Oh, why??)
    2. Top 10, especially top 3. They are beautiful names but way overused.
    3. Emerson - I fail to see the appeal.
    3. Briar - same as above.
    4. Addison - same as above.
    5. Madison - same as above.
    6. Bloodrayne - Thank God I only ever seen this in nameberry. This is just a joke, right?
    7. Kendyl, Caylee, kynnedi and similar stupid names/spellings. - no offense.
    8. Anything with an X, Y, Z, or K where it doesn't need to be.
    9. Super cutesy names (e.g. Bluebell) - again, no offense.
    10. Any Polly- names.
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    1. Emerson/Addison/Mason etc. on girls.
    2. Tyson on anyone
    3. taking a perfectly good name and whacking -lyn on the end of it, especially Gracelyn because I think Grace on its own is beautiful.
    4. Wayne
    5. Jayden et al
    6. Princess, Duke, King, Prince, Messiah- basically anything that is a title being used as a name.
    7. Dashiell- I know, I know everyone else loves it.
    8. Mac/Mc names, especially on girls.
    9. Tulip
    10. Reed/Reid- it doesn't even sound nice?
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    Misspelled names -Addisyn, Madylinn, etc
    Names ending in 'son' on girls (Addison, Emerson, Bryson, Ellison, it goes on)
    Renessmee, Katniss, Peeta, and anything else made up from Twilight or The Hunger Games
    Anything trendy from the 90's - Kaitlyn, Brittany, Jessica, Madison, Ashley (I like Ashley on a boy though), etc
    Boys names on girls
    Anything ridiculous - Rock, Pilot, Blue, Grey (as a first name on its own), Zappa, Moon, Star(r), etc

    I could actually probably write a book....that's scary aha! No offence to anyone who likes those names, they're just not for me.
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    1. Winifred. - Because No.
    2. Renes ... that one Twilight name. - Because Twilight.
    3. London - Because really? Really? You're going to do that? OK.
    4. Nevaeh - It doesn't sound ugly, it looks like a typical name from a certain style. Then I remember. Also see Neveah - You spelt it wrong if you're going for Heaven backwards.
    5. Wayne - Nope.
    6. Anastasia, Gray - Damn it Fifty Shades of Grey, you had to ruin everything.
    7. Loki - If you're cool with his mythology that's nice ...

    I think that's it.
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