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    1. Lexi (I like Alexandra but Lexi sounds too sexy)
    2. Colt, Gunnar, or any other overly "masculine" name
    3. Names with more than one "y" in them - Hayley, Dylynn, etc.
    4. Any name ending in -ella - I can handle Isabel but ugh Isabella.
    5. Blake
    6. Skye/Sky
    7. Any extremely popular name like Mary or John, unless there is a meaning behind it.
    8. Peyton or anything else ending in -ton.
    9. Faith. I like the meaning but not the sound.
    10. Ayden, Jayden, Kayden, etc. I can stand Aiden - only if it's spelled that way.

    Again, no offense to anyone. I don't judge people by their names or their naming style.
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    No offense, but here they are:
    1. Boy names on girls [I liked Jayden a while ago on a girl, but that was just a phase]
    2. Names that have awful misspellings [Khrystyne, anyone? Ew!]
    3. Varvara
    4. Cleona
    5. Any name used by someone I don't like. I know this sounds snobby, but if someone I dislike puts a name on their list, I scowl and like the name a little less.
    6. Hadrian, it sounds like Adrian with bad breath.
    7. Dustin with the last name of Beiber...too close to the 'celebrity'...I saw this once.
    8. Pun names or names close to those of famous people [real or fictional]--see #7.
    9. Samuel. It's okay, I guess, but Sam is so much better!
    10. Weird, weird, weird names. Not like Valencia or something offbeat but cool--I'm talking names like Zero.
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    Edit: I forgot title names like Lord or Queen or Princess. They usually sound sarcastic, like when someone is being demanding and you say "Yes, your majesty"....
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    These names are my most annoying and I don't like them!
    10) Isla
    9) Ava
    8) Lucy
    6) Alice
    5) Daisy
    4) Poppy
    3) Ruby
    2) Jasmine
    1) Amelia
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    I know I am going to offend someone but I can't help myself, sorry!
    1. Almost all the blah's - Blaire, Blane, Blaize, Blake, Blethem, Blythe,
    2. 90% of the celebrity baby names in the news: Rumer, Apple, Francis Bean, North West.
    3. The far-out hippie nature names: Leaf, Petal, Owl, Moon
    4. The chic-misspelling of names: Gennafyr, Ashli, Bethnee
    5. Names that rhyme with other things: "Myrtle - Ninja Turtle"
    6. Names associated with dark/bad/gothic: Bram (Bram Stoker), Morticia, Manson
    7. Names that are weapons: Cannon, Javelin (no matter if it's spelled Javalyn)
    8. (This really annoys me) Names for twins that are TOO close: Audriana & Adriana, Nicole & Nicolas, Trixie & Pixie
    9. Indian/South Asian names for American people who are yoga teachers: Saraswati (aka, Susan)
    10. Names that are concepts from Buddhist/Hindi religion: Karma Shiva, Karuna, Maitri

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