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    #1 is my most annoying, after that, no particular order

    1. Nevaeh
    2. Heavenly
    3. Blair (it is just so blah)
    4. Clementine (cue the berry backlash, but I really do not see the appeal in this one)
    5. The Aiden/Jayden/Brayden/Caeden/etc. names. Just stop it already.
    6. Anything purposely misspelled or borderline madeup, especially if there are random Ys where they don't belong. And especially if I have to puzzle over what the name even is. (eg Kynnedy is better than Catelynne is better than Airwrreckka (Erica. My mother had an employee with the crazy spelling).
    7. Unconventional smoosh names (which are generally unconventional because they sound weird) eg Jermichael, Renesmee, Gracelyn, Henrijames. Ick.
    8. -Son name on girls. Really? The word SON is right in the name!
    9. Reach for the stars names. EG King, Messiah, Princess, Perfect, Precious, Amazing, etc. Occupation names are one thing, but this is TOO much. And if you want to convey a virtue, there are plently of fabulous classics that aren't a word you pulled from the dictionary.
    10. Peyton, Paisley, Presley. Blerg.

    Oh my, 10 already? I apparently get annoyed by a lot of names...
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    1. Gina and any name which rhymes with it (Lena, Dina, Tina, Nina, etc.), but especially Gina
    2. Feminizations of male names (Frederica, Ernestine, Gabriella, Davida, and the list goes on)
    3. Of course, misspellings, deliberate and not (Really? Micheal?) Though with names like Hayley and Caitlin, I don't mind (unless you go to the extremity of say, Qaitteliyn)
    4. Star, Angel, Breezy, Rainy, and other blatantly obvious, yet uncreative, "hippie" names
    5. Patrice
    6. Beulah
    7. Griselda
    8. Over-extravagant boy names (and some of the same girl names) like Michelangelo. And I love Michelangelo.
    9. Darcy. Boy or girl, because it's too girly for a boy, and too manly for a girl, imo.
    10. And 99.9 percent of made up names.

    And lastly, I would like to mention that I love the name Agatha, though I can understand why the rest of you don't : )
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    1. Jayden
    2. Brayden
    3. Hillary
    4. Liam
    5. Kardashian Knames (Karrie, Kadence, Kali, etc.)
    6. Harriet (do not understand the appeal of this name)
    7. Edith (see #6)
    8. Kaitlyn/Caitlyn/Katelyn etc. Pretty much any -lyn/lin name
    9. Harry
    10. Matilda (see #6)
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    1. Declan
    2. Brayden and its various spellings
    3. Kaden and its various spellings
    4. Zane
    5. Landon
    6. Ava
    7. Layla
    8. Briley and its various spellings
    9. Riley and its various spellings
    10. Ella

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    1) Riley. I absolutely loathe this name on both girls and boys.
    2) Jordan/jordyn. Horrible.
    3) -Ayden names. Exception is Aidan, which is a legitimate Celtic name.
    4) Kylie..most k names for that matter. But Kylie is annoying.
    5) Maddaleighnaeh. I actually had a student in my class with that name. The end of kinder and she still struggled with writing it.
    6) surname names, 80% of the time. (Example: my niece is Carlyn, which is my grandmothers maiden name. That doesn't bother me as much. But I had a child in my class one year named Delorian, his mothers maiden name. Nope. Wasn't a fan)
    7) Bella names.
    8) horribly misspelled names
    9) sibsets that are too matchy. (Lily violet and ivy. Gianna Juliana and Luciana. Brayden and Kaiden. Etc)
    10) nicknames as names. Maggie. Molly. Daisy. Hank. Ray.
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