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    Middle for Calista

    Woo hoo! at 35 weeks we have finally found a first name we both like. Calista! Now to decide on a middle. As of right now I am tentatively thinking Calista Meadow but I know SO doesn't like Meadow, he agreed to make me happy though bc we had such a rough time picking a first name. I like it but could be persuaded to use something different. A few names I really like but don't want to use as a middle for various reasons are Loretta, Gaia, Nelle, Persephone, Winona, and Aurora. Any interesting suggestions?

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    Eh, Calista Meadow is a bit too cutsey for me, sorry. Something simply like Calista Jane or Calista Grace would be perfection, but Calista Harriet is a cheeky guilty combination that I had on my list a while ago. Good luck with the search!

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    Calista Meadow is cute! But if your SO doesn't like it I would definitely look elsewhere.

    Calista Margot
    Calista Opal
    Calista Delphine
    Calista Rosalind
    Calista Audrey
    Calista Dagny
    Calista Vivienne
    Calista Mae
    Calista Miriam
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    My 2nd favorite name is Calista! So excited to see someone use it. My favorite combo is Calista Daphne, because Daphne is my mother's names so it honors, and I flows rather nicely. Other combos I have saved that I like:
    Calista Evangeline
    Calista Josephine
    Calista Selene
    Calista Violet
    Calista Zoe

    I would avoid names that start or end with a because they run together or rhyme (ex- Calista Alice, Calista Rosa).
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