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Thread: Beaumont

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    Someone suggested Beaumont on the Christmas song inspired names thread on another forum thread here on nameberry, and it got me thinking. What are your thoughts on this name? Useable today? I like the "beautiful mountain" meaning, as I have been looking for a good "mountain" name for a while. And, I'm fond of the long O sound in names. Just wondering if it feels too pretentious?
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    I think it's lovely name.

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    I like it. I love Beau, but I feel its too short for a formal name, so have been looking for a longer version. I liked Beauregard for a while, until someone pointed out that it sound like budgerigars until that was all I could hear when I said the name out loud :???:. So, Beaumont is a nice alternative; it may be a little pretentious, but Beauregard and other Beau- names are much worse, so I think this is the nicest of the bunch
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    "Do you have a Beaumont doctor?"

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    In Australia, at least since the late 60s Beaumont has been tied to the disappearance of three young children in South Australia. They went missing from a beach and were never seen again, they were age four, seven and nine. They still don't know what happen to them'; but there have been countless suspects over the years. While obviously most people won't have this connection, being from the area, and its constant discussion on the local news makes me automatically think of the Beaumont children. I see the appeal though, I kind of like Beauregard though, but it sounds quite fusty. Beau on its own is great also.
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