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    Dec 2011
    Staffs, UK
    Mama to Maddie the dog, Daisy and Oakley the guinea pigs
    Current favourite girls - no combos yet Freya, Imogen, Phoebe, Eleanor,
    Current favourite boys - Rafferty Saxon John, Theodore Lucas James, Phineas Isaac ?

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    Jul 2011
    La La Land

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    Nov 2013
    Ontario, Canada
    Mama- Jade Alexandra
    Dad- Jesse Earl
    ds- Kai Maurice

    dd- Evelyn Alexandra
    dd- Iris Jane

    (our current family )
    ...and adding for fun;
    Milo Campbell Henry
    and Wren Eleanora (twins)

    I think five kids would be enough!

    Loving Wife and Proud Mama of Three
    Kai Maurice (29.11.06), Evelyn Alexandra (03.07.09), Iris Jane (10.01.11)
    Expecting #4!!!

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    I'd have one son or daughter. His/her name would be:

    Casimir Mordecai
    Ara Patricia (middle name to honor my grandmother who died of breast cancer)
    Maryjane Elizabeth

    A teenberry author with a healthy obsession of names!
    Casimir Ozias, Mordecai {searching for middle} - Sandrina Noor, Antigone Plum, Cosima Patricia, Desdemona?

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    Nov 2012
    Hmm, don't think I'd have more than two. Going with one of each I'd pick either Theodore and Audrey
    Fiona and... Not sure on the boy to go with it (don't like Theo and Fio as a sibset!). Maybe something Scottish/irish/welsh but it'd have to be user friendly for the USA.
    I think the gender of my first would affect the names I'd pick.. say if it was a girl first I'd probably pick Fiona, and find a second favorite boy name to use for any subsequent sons rather than Theodore... But if it was a boy first, I'd pick my favorite boy name, Theodore and forego my top girl name (Fiona) for any future girls, because it's entirely possible that I wouldn't have a second kid.

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