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Thread: Leonidas

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    I'm surprised at how much I love Leonidas. It is a lovely name.

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    Could you check out this thread please? I'll return the favor. Send me a PM.
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    @Ott- I love Raoul, its the fiance' who thinks its Spanish sounding when its French! I do like that though. You of course can not go wrong with Leonidas Xavier, and I love Leonidas Evander, Leonidas Hector. Not sure how I feel about Peregrine matched with Leonidas. I do have Orlando Peregrine on my list.

    @banomi- I am all over with middles. If this will help middles I have paired with other names on our list are, Jude, Caius, Ambrose, Ivan, Valentin, Maurice, Grey, Peregrine, Rouvin, Aurelian. We also have a front runner boy combo at the moment so I want something to compliment that since I think into the future.

    @Merrybells- I do like Leonidas Ezra as well.

    @mkmlvr- I love some of our middles as first names, I feel having Leonidas end with S and a middle end in S and our first name beginning with an S may be too much.

    @ikfly- Some lovely suggestions! I like Leonidas Rainier and Leonidas Jude. I love Leonidas Alaric but it rhymes with our last name.

    @hermione_vader- I agree about Leonidas Hector! Plus I feel it works well with our front runner boy name. They compliment each other. I like Leonidas Victor, Jude, and Roman but feel that may be too much.
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