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    I'm really liking how your list is changing, Tinuviel's back, Zenobia's back, and now Melusina! I prefer just Melusine but Melusina still makes me happy! A perfect sister name for Roo I love Melusina Elbereth Heleyne! but just for fun I had to come up with some more combos for you.
    Melusina Elbereth Eowyn
    Melusina Eowyn Ondine
    Melusina Nausicaa Ondine
    Melusina Eowyn Nausicaa
    Melusina Nausicaa Heleyne
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    I just had to comment to say how in love I am with this name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post

    Names I kind of like with Melusina (but feel free to use anything else!):

    Other names we're considering for the little one:
    Sylvestra Freyja Undomiel, Tinuviel Circe Amoret & Zenobia Atalanta Evenstar.
    Melusina Eowyn Daphne
    Melusina Sonja Idony
    Melusina Alcyone Giselle
    Melusina Mist Ondine

    Melusina Elaine Gersemi
    Melusina Honey Hecate
    Melusina Lilje Eilonwy

    Melusina Eir Verdande
    Melusina Rivendell Saga
    Melusina Nimue Gersemi
    Melusina Gwenllian Kara

    Melusina Imladris Oenone
    Melusina Lorelei Tempest
    Melusina Eos Elbereth

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    I really like Melusina, BTW. It's so pretty and magical.

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    Silmariën! Undómiel! Ylva! Tinúviel Circe Amoret (amazing!) and oh my Evenstar! Love the shifts your name journey has taken. You have some real magic going on with the names your working with right now. Love it. I'm going to come back and play in here for sure (nearly 1am for me, must sleep). I love ship and water names, and have lots of lists for names that make me feel like I'm out at sea, so maybe some would work for you. I feel like Ondine would work well here. And Alcyone.
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