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    Question Boy's Name as Girl's Middle

    My Dad's name is Rodolfo and I really would like to incorporate that into my daughter's name to honor him. I know I wouldn't choose it for a first name, but I was thinking maybe using it as a middle?
    Does that sound too strange, or could anyone offer suggestions or variations?
    BTW the first name will be Jane, I finally settled on that after some serious indecision so that is not changing, because I'm in LOVE with it :?


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    Why not Rudy? It's a nickname for Rodolfo/Rudolph and sounds much more feminine than the full name of Rodolfo.
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    Maybe a more feminie name with a shared wolf-related meaning.

    Jane Lupe
    Jane Tala

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    Thanks for the suggestions! Do you think that the two syllable Rudy sounds okay with Jane?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ontrejo View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions! Do you think that the two syllable Rudy sounds okay with Jane? many syllables is your last name?
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