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    It is an excellent name! I definitely think elegant but impassioned - graceful but brave
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    I actually have a little Fiona! And while she's only 11 months old, she is def full of personality! I'll be honest, when we chose the name, I pictured Fiona as a very sweet, gentle little girl's name. But now that she is here, I've often felt she doesn't match her name b/c she is anything but sweet and gentle haha. She's a little brute. She is just always full force and has so much personality, always demanding to be heard. We love her personality. Definitely has that spunk some others have mentioned! It's interesting to hear how others view the name though..maybe she is not so mismatched from her name after all ha. For what it's worth, I think it's a beautiful name!
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    The Fionas I know are confident, competent, and intelligent women.

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    Fiona - tough and spunky, but still has feminine grace and elegance. I fell in love with this name thanks to the character on Burn Notice, so that is who I think of when I hear the name; she is definitely an awesome namesake! x
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    I know a little Fiona and she is the very definition of beauty. To me, Fiona is beautiful and ethereal.

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