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Thread: Elijah

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    What are your honest opinions and thoughts on the name Elijah?
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    In search of middles for: James, Seraphine, Caroline and Elijah.
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    Nice name. Pretty popular in my area. I know 3 under 5 years old.

    I personally prefer just Eli, but it's nice.
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    I love the name Elijah. If its popularity bothers you, Elias might be a good alternative. As a standalone name, Eli often feels a little incomplete to me.

    Elijah is one of those names with the awesome distinction of having been around for centuries and yet still feeling like a name that can suit a boy/man throughout the whole of his life.
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    I love Elijah, have for a while, but the popularity bothers me a tad so I'd stick it in the middle if I ever used it.

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    If I didn't already know an Elijah, it would be on my own list. Love it.
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