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    This is not a game! I need a stage name!!

    As a project in my class I have to create a "stage name" for if I become a singer or actress. I don't think my name really suits me tho... It's Emma Hodgins. I'm pretty quiet but intelligent. I have tannish skin and my hair is dark Brown as well as my eyes. I really don't like my last name and i feel my first name is too short. I was thinking Emma Dreamer, Em Dreamer. If all of you out there have names similar to Emma that would help or if you have full name suggestions, I need help! Thanks a lot for all who help
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    Emma Dreamer/Em Dreamer sounds very young, and I couldn't imagine a 35yo actress/singer with that name. If it's just for now though, go with it if you like it, because I can see from your sig that you're still a teenager

    A suggestion if you want another stage last name, is to take on the last name of a character/person you like. I've seen this done with Shane Dawson (from Jack Dawson) and Olivia Wilde (from Oscar Wilde) among others! I would try to choose a last name that still sounds like it could be your real last name.
    Another thing I've seen celebrities do is to just use part of their last name, for example is Mindy Kaling's real last name Chokalingam, but she just uses the middle part. You could go with Hod or Gins etc. Another version of this is spelling out the first letter of your last name, so Emma Haitch/Emma Aitch or something similar.

    For the first name I think it's good to keep the name you normally go by (otherwise it could get confusing), so Emma or Em are probably your best options, or maybe Emmy or Gemma!

    I hope this helps, good luck
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